Welcome to VFI in Austria! We are Europe’s leading producer of organic oils for the food and infant nutrition industry. At VFI we do organic sourcing seriously. We are running Europe’s most modern high efficiency oil press where we process selected oilseeds from contracted farmers. In our state of the art refinery we produce oils with the lowest levels of Glycidyl Esters (GE) in the industry. Moreover, we produce with lowest levels of 3-MCPD and other contaminants.

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VFI is supplier to a number of renowned producers of infant formula and baby food in Europe and abroad. This has established strictest Quality Management for all our production process and customer service. Our expertise allows us to supply high quality fats and oils, both organic and conventional to food and cosmetics manufacturers.

Our experts are prepared to develop tailor made lipid ingredients for your projects.

At VFI we can supply the goods all over the world in your preferred packaging. This can be either full containers in road tankers or flexitanks but also IBCs or smaller units like boxes for solid fats or bottles for liquid oils.

As a family owned, experienced producer of lipid ingredients we are always aiming to set new standards in quality and innovation in our business. Our team of experts will work with effort to cater to your needs!