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Are you struggling to balance operational costs with the water management of your F&B plant?

Improve the productivity of your plant by taking advantage of Kurita’s innovative 360° solutions.

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Case Study

Successful water treatment in sterilization process

Food producer highly improves productivity with a unique combination of Albaphos® FB 9160 & Cetamine® FB440.

Significant optical appearance improvement

Product losses decreased from 30% to 5%

No corrosion on packaging

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Case Study

Significant improvement of a low-pressure system with Kurita's DReeM Polymer® online cleaning

Food Processing facility improves boiler efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Fuel reduction of 0.6% per boiler

TCO savings of 4600€/year per boiler

CO2 reduced emissions

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Case Study

Outstanding product recovery in a meat processing plant

With S.sensing CS, our customer increased revenue in oil and grease sale while improving overall health of their plant.

Increased revenues of 350,000€

+30% product recovery

Cleaner and healthier system

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