Edifett® Whipping Agents for Bakery Applications:

We are working with drive on a wide range of whipping agents to meet the specific requirements of our customers and the current trends in society. Our products have all been developed for simplified and process-stable handling and are the functional guarantee for your creamy applications in the baking segment.

The very large portfolio of our Edifett® HWP whipping agents already offers you a wide range of possibilities and is used, for example, in desserts, mousses, cake fillings as well as cake decorations. Our whipping agents differ, among other things, in their fat base, protein content and emulsifier systems.

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Whipping Agent innovation at MEGGLE Food Ingredients

Our Edifett® HWP Product Range is constantly being expanded with new, high-quality products. Our new Edifett® products HWP 044 and HWP 049 are high-quality and versatile whipping agents. The basis is a special emulsifier blend that can handle the harsh conditions of the application with ice water while delivering outstanding whipping properties. As a result, sensory effects, such as temperature-induced fat agglomeration, can be prevented with the help of the special formulation.

The advantages of Edifett® HWP 044 and Edifett® HWP 049 at a glance:

  • Optimum functionality at low whipping temperatures (ice water)
  • Very resistant to temperature changes
  • Cannot be overwhipped
  • High foam stability and overrun
  • Multiple whipping possible
  • Pleasantly creamy mouthfeel
  • Neutral taste
  • Halal, Kosher

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