Reduce membrane system operation and maintenance costs for food & beverage plants.

Kurita understands the membrane system challenges faced by food & beverage plants every day.

Our global brand, Avista™ offers industry-leading expertise in membrane system troubleshooting, foulant identification, targeted membrane chemicals and application support for food & beverage plants worldwide.

Avista Membrane Treatment Solutions

We assist membrane plant managers, system engineers and operators to determine the right chemicals required to optimize their membrane systems.

Extend Membrane Life

Targeted antiscalants and cleaning chemicals maintain membrane health and maximize service life.

Optimize Chemical Dosing

Lower chemical dose rates optimize system performance while saving money and reducing fouling and scaling issues.

Reduce Cleaning Frequency

Selecting the right cleaning chemicals extends system run times between cleanings, reduces chemical costs and extends productive membrane life and overall system up-time.

Maximize Water Savings

A comprehensive audit will discover opportunities to maximize system recovery and enhance operation to achieve significant water savings and help meet sustainability goals.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Our approach to system operations analysis identifies ideal pretreatment chemistries, antiscalants and cleaners to help reduce operating pressures, decrease energy costs, and increase energy savings.

Increase Recovery Rates

Our evaluation of system design and operations combined with proper antiscalant selection can achieve optimal system recovery to increase water production and decrease scaling potential.

Avista Membrane Chemicals

We offer a global line of Avista membrane treatment chemicals manufactured worldwide to cover a full spectrum of foulants and scales, including Vitec™ antiscalants, RoClean™ membrane cleaners, Kuriverter™ IK biocides, Kuriverter™ AC chlorine scavengers, and RoQuest™ coagulants.

Avista Services

Avista services include laboratory analysis and off-site cleaning and restoration as well as dosing and normalization software to support and solve site-specific challenges.

Avista | Membrane Autopsy

The Avista™ Membrane Autopsy service is customized to target specific customer challenges. Chromatic Elemental Imaging (CEI) is used for accurate, high resolution imaging that identifies the exact location and composition in a foulant sample. The technical team reviews operating data and cleaning strategies prior to membrane disassembly, inspection, and comprehensive scientific analysis. We assist customers in understanding the findings of our autopsies and identify any operational or system changes.

Avista | OSCAR

When cleaning on-site is not practical or possible, off-site cleaning and restoration is available to restore membrane performance to original membrane manufacturer specifications. OSCAR was developed using equipment specifically designed to provide ideal flow rates, water temperature, and cleaning pressures.

Avista | Black Box

The Avista Black Box is a proprietary, stand‐alone monitoring device that replicates membrane performance without interrupting the operation of the full-scale system.

Avista | Advisor™Ci Online

Avista AdvisorCi Online is a proprietary chemical dosing software with complex ion technology to maximize system recovery for even the most challenging applications.

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