All-in-one water treatment solution
for your food & beverage plant. 

Kurita is one of the global market leaders in industrial water and process treatment. With more than 70 years experience, we provide you with state-of-the-art solutions, tailored to the specific needs of your water systems. Kurita offers an innovative all-in-one solution for the full water cycle of your food & beverage plant, which will help you to save water and energy and improves the productivity of your plant.

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Check out one of our latest product innovations specially designed for the Food & Beverage industry:

Corrosion inhibition

Scale inhibition

Bio-dispersions and anti-foam

Fat and oil removal

Gloss improvement

Repellency optimization 

Cetamine® FB – Next Generation Boiler Water Treatment in the Food & Beverage Industry 

Kurita developed the Cetamine® FB Technology which complies with international food regulations and can be safely applied in boiler systems where the generated steam has either direct or indirect contact to food.

Cetamine® FB Technology adsorbs on system surfaces and establishes a protective film acting as a barrier to prevent corrosion. The surface-active Cetamine® FB Technology cleans system surfaces during normal boiler operation which leads to a better heat transfer and boiler efficiency. Boilers operating under Cetamine® FB Technology consume less water and energy leading to economical savings and reduced CO2 emission.

Untreated surface

Cetamine® FB treated surface protected against corrosion

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