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Global overview

CommoditiesLatest (30/06/2021)Past month value% change on one month% change in a year
Commercial agricultural commodities and products

Cocoa (US$/kg)2.412.371.884.18
Coffee, Arabica (US$/kg)4.113.7210.5624.44
Coffee, Robusta (US$/kg)1.761.647.0123.48
Tea, Colombo (US$/kg)3.113.21-3.07-17.25
Tea, Kolkata (US$/kg)3.142.889.1675.45
Tea, Mombasa (US$/kg)1.921.920.09-2.83
Groundnuts (US$/mt)1,450.001,426.821.62-29.27
Soybeans (US$/mt)643.92597.137.8479.28
Orange (US$/kg)0.610.593.82-5.54
Cotton, A Index (US$/kg)
Rubber, TSR20 (US$/kg)1.691.642.9851.31
Rubber, SGP/MYS (US$/kg)
Sugar, EU (US$/kg)0.400.391.5911.43
Sugar, US (US$/kg)0.710.693.4525.11
Tobacco, US import u.v.  (US$/mt)4,345.204,352.80-0.17-0.82
Edible oils

Coconut oil  (US$/mt)1,613.751,513.816.6093.88
Palm oil  (US$/mt)1,163.171,078.057.90101.74
Palm kernel oil  (US$/mt)1,530.001,487.142.88123.37
Soybean oil  (US$/mt)1,499.001,214.3123.44118.90
Rapeseed oil  (US$/mt)1,332.551,149.9115.8866.60
Sunflower oil  (US$/mt)890.00890.000.0020.55

Maize (US$/mt)305.31268.2313.82112.16
Rice, Thai 5%  (US$/mt)493.00495.00-0.40-3.33
Rice, Vietnamese 5%  (US$/mt)477.70488.17-2.148.96

Note: Indices in local currencies, except RTSI which considered in US$ terms. Source: Data compiled by GlobalData sourcing from respective stock exchanges.

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