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The secret of the perfect nut

It is a small energy package and it is one of the most popular snacks of many Europeans - natural nuts and kernels like the peanut, the cashew kernel, the almond and other delicious fruit. And she's got it in her. It is full of protein, many essential minerals and vitamins. One of the main suppliers to the European market is the USA, where the small energy suppliers start their journey across the Atlantic packed in large big bags with a capacity of one tonne each. To preserve the taste, vitamins and nutrients, careful roasting is necessary - as with many other foods. With Alfred Nolte GmbH in Reinbek near Hamburg in northern Germany, we have found a company that develops and produces high-quality machines and components for a wide variety of food processing methods in the form of roasters and dryers, with continiously working belt or with fluidized bed. Made according to the individual wishes and needs of food manufacturers.

What began in 1945 with an engineering office for air and heat technology has developed over the decades into one of the leading specialist suppliers of air and heat technology systems in Germany and throughout Europe.

Careful roasting before consumption is essential for the consumption of many foods. Depending on the product, different roasting temperatures and lengths as well as different roasting aromas are necessary. The higher the roasting quality, the higher the attainable selling price. The numerous factors such as roasting duration, temperatures or refinement are among the company secrets of the manufacturer who has to meet the challenge of guaranteeing the best possible quality with economical and efficient production. However, the attainable selling price depends on a number of other factors:

  • Good shelf life of the finished roasted product. This requires a roasting process that is as gentle and uniform as possible. The more homogeneous the roasting, the more reliably the expiry date can be determined.
  • Appetizing appearance of the goods. This is also achieved by the homogeneous roasting.
  • Aroma: Certainly one of the strongest factors influencing the possible selling price. A constant aroma can only be achieved by gentle roasting.
  • Whole foods: Whole fruits fetch a higher price.

Gentle roasting is therefore most sensible not only for nutritional but also for economic reasons - and this cannot necessarily be achieved by using as much energy as possible. Most roasting machines on the market are designed for a high energy input and cause high energy costs.

The engineers at Alfred Nolte GmbH are therefore working intensively to achieve the highest quality standards for gentle roasting with the lowest possible energy consumption. In this way, product quality and profit can be measurably increased.

The solution can be found in the scientific principles of heat, cold and air circulation. These principles can best be transferred to roasting and drying processes and are consistently implemented by Alfred Nolte GmbH in technically outstanding systems.

NOLTES roasting systems with sophisticated air technology are suitable for all foods that can be shaken or rolled. Regardless of whether the manufacturer wants to give small sesame seeds a nice roast or roast almonds, hazelnuts or coffee beans, NOLTE roasters always guarantee gentle roasting at low operating costs.

Thanks to high-quality sensors, the operating terminal can control how much or how little heat the product should receive. Whatever the roasting profile looks like - it can be implemented easily and extremely precisely down to the smallest detail.
With just a few simple steps, you can control how long and how intensively the roast is roasted and thus exploit the most varied aroma potentials. Thus, a variety of roasted products can be produced from one basic product. The most diverse roasting requirements of the customer are met without any problems.
ALFRED NOLTE GmbH plans, develops, manufactures, assembles and maintains systems and components for air, heat and exhaust air technology, innovative drying plants as well as machines for food processing, e.g. nut and kernel seasoning machines.

The company has existed for more than 70 years, is a family business and combines experience with innovative talent. One focus is on special constructions and drying systems.
/roasting machines for high-quality food. At the same time, the plant technology is being continuously expanded.

In addition to quality, environmental awareness is at the forefront of every employee's thoughts and actions. NOLTE prefers stainless steel production, uses efficient components with low energy consumption and reduces machine emissions through finely balanced and innovative circulation processes. That pays off: The sustainably manufactured machines are durable and run cost- effectively over their entire life cycle.

The continuously operating belt dryers are used worldwide for the thermal treatment of food and other products. The extensive product range includes peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, macadamia nuts, cashew nuts, potato pieces, dumpling fillings as well as chicory and sugar beet chips. The drying plants can also be used for technical products.

The many years of experience pay off: Highest quality standards for air heaters, cooling systems and fans are the result. In daily operation they prove to be a reliable, low-maintenance and cost-effective "workhorse".

The systems are heated directly or indirectly with electric, gas or steam power. Depending on the configuration, they generate temperatures from 30° C to 280° C. Heating and cooling are carried out on the same level without mechanical post-loading. Since the air is supplied alternately from above and below, the roasting result is particularly uniform. Depending on the product, treatment time and size, the systems can dry 50 to 10,000 kilograms per hour.

The strength of NOLTE lies in individualization. This means that the systems are adapted to the requirements and spatial conditions of the customers. All systems have a convenient control system that is also individually configured. Belt dryers/roasters can optionally be equipped with an automatic internal washing system.

In production, there is a great deal of interest in cost-effective cleaning processes so that the machines can be quickly returned to productive use. Optionally, the systems are installed when a new belt dryer / roaster is ordered or can be retrofitted by the NOLTE experts to existing systems. The advantages: Considerable time savings during cleaning and a better cleaning result with simultaneous savings of energy, cleaning agents, personnel costs and water. The time required for the complete cleaning of a belt conveyor can thus be reduced to a maximum of 4-5 hours. The consumption of cleaning agents can be reduced by 70 percent. As a reference project, NOLTE refers to a continuously operating belt roaster with a product output of 2,000 kilograms per hour.

All machines and plants of ALFRED NOLTE GmbH, including the control systems, are designed and manufactured individually for our customers. All our machines and plants are characterized by our special productive solution for the customer, easy handling and high reliability and longevity. So all sides benefit: The consumer, who can enjoy high-quality roasted food, the producer, who can offer at economically attractive conditions, and because of the high energy efficiency in the operation of the plants, also our environment.

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