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Process instrumentation systems and bulksolids sensors

VEGA is a global manufacturer of process instrumentation solutions for a wide range of industries, including food processing, beverage, water treatment, mining, offshore and petrochemical.

Its portfolio includes level measurement sensors, point level switches, pressure transmitters, and solutions to enable integration into existing process control systems.

Active in more than 80 countries via a network of subsidiaries and distributors, VEGA and its solutions have all the necessary certifications and approvals to adhere to global operational, technical safety and quality standards.

Better Measuring Results With 80 GHz Radar Level Technology

VEGA recently introduced to the market a range of Radar Level Transmitters that operate at a frequency of 80 GHz. This has allowed the Radar now to come equipped with smaller antennas and thus the result is a much smaller beam angle and better focusing. The focusing properties of a Radar Level Transmitter depend on it's operating frequency. Until now 26GHz was regarded as the standard frequency, but by increasing to 80 GHz the antennas are up to 3 times smaller resulting in a considerable gain in returned signal.

The 80 GHz range is available with all approvals required for the Food Industry from sanitary to dust.

Another added advantage to the full range of Transmitters is the ability to program and fault find via BLUETOOTH. This communication can be from a Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop and can operate up to 25 metres from the transmitter.

Radar sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids

For Liquid and Paste applications the VEGAPULS 64 offers a range of smaller process connections that are ideally suited to measure the contents of smaller vessels that are commonly found in the Food Industry. With a much smaller beam angle internal structures and mixing blades are now not seen within the beam and allow the transmitter to track the level more accurately. The very good signal focusing allows use in vessels with many internal installations.

The VEGAPULS 64 is a sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids. With small tanks or in case of narrow space the small process fittings offer special advantages. The very good signal focusing enables the use in vessels with many installations such as e.g. stirrers and heating spirals.

Your benefit:

  • Exact measuring results independent of process conditions
  • High plant availability, because wear and maintenance-free
  • Maintenance-free operation through non-contact measuring principle

With its dynamic range of 120 dB, VEGAPULS 64 measures practically any liquid with great reliability. Its application spectrum ranges from aqueous media to hydrocarbons and liquid gases – regardless of the dielectric constant. 

Thanks to precise signal focusing, this level transmitter maintains maximum performance in complex liquid processing vessels with agitators or other internal components. And its very small process fittings also make it suitable for compact vessels. The level sensor is ideal for continuous measurement of any liquid in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, in food production, energy generation and water management.

Radar sensor for bulk solids processing

VEGA’s VEGAPULS 69 bulk solids radar sensor offers high levels of safety, reliability and accuracy for a wide application spectrum.

For Solids applications of powders and grains the VEGAPULS 69 has also allowed level measurement to be achieved even under the most difficult conditions. The options of aiming gymbles and air purge connections allow complete installation and application flexibility.

The sensor operates with an 80GHz transmission frequency and a 75mm antenna aperture, and a 4° beam angle enables more accurate results. The focused 80GHz beam avoids any internal installations and build-up on the vessel wall, resulting in highly reliable measurement data.

Additional features of the VEGAPULS 69 include

  • Adjustment with a PC
  • Display and adjustment capabilities
  • Accurate measurements
  • Serial number and data matrix codes
  • Diagnosis capabilities

The VEGAPULS 69 radar sensor can also be used to record level measurements in containers with complex shapes and internal fixtures, including:

  • High silos
  • Segmented containers
  • Containers with mixing systems
  • Silos with reinforcing struts

In order to enable operators to optimally align of the sensor on the silo, we offer the VEGA App. Personnel can use the app on their smartphone to quickly and efficiently align the sensor.

About VEGA

VEGA employs more than 1,400 people worldwide, 660 of whom work at its headquarters in Schiltach in the Black Forest, Germany.

For more than 50 years, we have been developing solutions to meet demanding measuring tasks across a wide range of industries and environments, including chemical and pharmaceutical plants, food processing facilities, water and sewage treatment plants, landfills, mining, power generation, oil platforms, ships and airplanes.

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