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Every year, the food industry produces millions of tons of food, which need to be packaged for transport, storage and sale. Meat and meat products, dairy and cheese products, potatoes, vegetables and dried fruit all benefit from packaging that is resilient and yet appealing. Space-saving packaging that not only protects food but also ensures longer shelf life is more in demand than ever.

The food industry is the largest sector that allfo and allvac supply. 

The production of thermoforming barrier films based on polyethylene and polyamide is the core competence of allvac. These composite films are used in particular for the packaging of perishable foods.

The portfolio is perfectly complemented by allfo. The sister company is European market leader for high-quality vacuum bags, which are available in various sizes and film thicknesses.

 Types of 11-layer thermoforming films:

The allfex E (EVOH Barrier) is ideal for packaging products with extended shelf life. The allflex E is convincing due to its increased transparency, excellent formability and solid puncture resistance.

The allflex S (medium barrier) is a versatile composite film combining several properties of different film materials, such as barrier and sealing properties. Due to its exceptional transparency and gloss, it can be used for a wide range of applications. 

The allflex UHT (medium barrier) is, due to its temperature tolerance up to 121°C, suitable for sterilizing corn cobs. The film’s good transparency and increased puncture resistance ensures the products an appetizing appearance on retail shelves. 

Types of vacuum bags:

allfo produces the three-edged vacuum bags made of high-quality PA/PE barrier film in various formats. The PA (polyamide) provides an oxygen barrier and aroma protection, while PE (polyethylene) ensures a moisture barrier and optimal sealing properties.

The ASB shrink bag (PVDC) or our ASBC shrink bags with EVOH barrier extend the shelf life of the products with an almost “invisible” packaging. The special film structure and selected high barrier materials ensure high puncture resistance and long-lasting protection.

The multilayer bags guarantee protection. Even at high humidity. Depending on the product, different material layers up to high barrier are used. When constructing the 5-, 7- or 9-layer multilayer bags, the barrier layer is precisely matched to the requirements of the product. In this way they extend the shelf life of food products.

Scope of applications:

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Quality is our top priority

The allfo Group will continue to work on more than just meeting the high quality standards in the future. This is guaranteed by our quality management system, which is in consistent development to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and consequently our corporate success. The selection of high-quality raw materials, guided hygiene stops and special clothing for visitors and employees meet and exceed the hygiene requirements in order to deliver the safest packaging solution to you. 

The allfo GROUP was awarded with the BRC certification. The certificate, in which we have achieved the highest classification, applies to the production of packaging suitable for food while attesting its safety.

About allvac and allfo:

The origin of the companies goes back to the foundation of allfo in 1966. allvac was then founded in 1992. Both of them are based in the south of Germany, in the town of Waltenhofen, Allgäu.

Around 270 employees work on almost 24,000 sqaure meters of production, storage space and in the administration building. An annual production capacity of nearly 25,000 tons of film is achieved.

The group of companies covers the entire process chain from film development to extrusion and finishing of the bags. The development department also scores points with its own laboratory.

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Lisa Schraut – Marketing


Lisa Schraut – Marketing

Freshly caught fish must be processed quickly in order to optimally retain its quality. The vitamins and fatty acids of fish dishes are equally preserved when frozen or during the cooking process. The same applies, of course, to the taste, texture and colour of the fish.

Meat is one of the most sensitive products because it can spoil quickly. At the same time, consumers want products that are not unnecessarily contaminated with preservatives. 

The allfo Group's packaging solutions are ideal for ensuring that meat and sausage products have a significantly longer shelf life. They prevent premature spoilage and extend the expiration date. With our packaging the products are protected during transport and storage and even meat with pointed bones is securely packed. 

Cheese must be tasty and attractively packaged. The packaging solutions not only preserve the flavour and taste of your cheese, but also increase its shelf life. The seasoning and flavours are preserved because of a efficient gas exchange. It leads to an optimum maturation process.  

Vegetables are among the products that have long since become an indispensable source of healthy food. Potatoes, beetroot or corn are among the classics that can be preserved for so long without losing their appetizing appearance. With the packaging solutions natural foods receive a longer shelf-life. It is also the perfect choice for sterilization in autoclaves.