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In the product group "savoury" we include foods with salty, spicy or savoury notes like salty snacks, convenience products, meat and sausage products,  but also vegetarian / vegan substitute products. 
With our comprehensive product range we can offer technical solutions for a wide range of applications: 

  • Cooked, scalded and raw sausage
  • Processed meat products
  • Cooked ham
  • Soups and sauces
  • Dressings and mayonnaises


Protein Enriched Whey Powder

Whey Powder with high protein content and minerals


Fat Powders 

Creamers with neutral, balanced taste and excellent functionality


Functional Compounds 

Smart solutions for stabilising various meat products


Whey Protein Concentrate

High quality protein with excellent emulsifying properties; High gel strength

Excursion: Sodium reduction in baked goods

The daily recommended salt consumption has been the subject of many discussions for several years now. Excessive consumption is said to promote cardiovascular diseases, among other things. According to the WHO, salt consumption should be less than 5 g per day. Currently, it is estimated that daily consumption in Europe is around 8 - 11 g.1 

Our product Fondolac® offers solutions for manufacturers to reduce the sodium content by keeping a consistent taste. The high mineral content of Fondolac® acts as a natural flavor enhancer. As a result, seasonings can be partially reduced. 

When using Fondolac® in baked goods and baguettes, the following advantages were found; Dosage: 2 - 4 % based on the flour content

  • Stable dough texture after intensive kneading
  • Optimized dough preparation, as the surface of the dough is slightly drier
  • Enhanced bread crust formation and browning; baking process can be adjusted if necessary (reduce baking time and / or baking temperature)
  • Reduction of salt up to 30-50% is possible
  • Improved fermentation tolerance and form stability

Fact Sheet Fondolac®

Kosher / Halal possible


High protein content

No E-Numbers

High solubility

Advanced Maillard Reaction 

Natural flavour enhancer

Excellent water binding properties

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