The Latest Innovation in X-ray Technology

From the leaders in product inspection technology comes the new X34 x-ray system, engineered to adapt to all food manufacturer's needs.

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Inspects up to 300 products per minute

Provides you with minimal False Reject Rates

Optimal detection sensitivity

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Automated set-up coupled with intelligent software improves uptime, reduces costs and enhances detection sensitivity to provide the ultimate in product safety.


  • Detect hard-to-find physical contaminants as small as 0.4mm
  • ContamPlus™ software reduces product waste by reducing the number of false reject rates
  • Optimum-power generator


  • Fully automated product setup reduces user error 
  • Simple interface requires little to no training to use
  • National service team for fast and remote on-site support


  • Robust design for all production environments 
  • Regulatory compliance with real-time data collection
  • 5-year warranty on the system’s most valuable part, the generator

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