Protein enrichment
with MEGGLE´s
Functional Protein Compounds

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Protein enrichment of dairy products is still a strong consumer trend. But also products with a naturally high protein content such as SKYR or Greek Yoghurt are in great demand among customers. 

We have solutions for different kind of applications such as Fermented Dairy Products, Milk Beverages, Protein Bars, Pudding and Desserts. Each of these applications have a specific set of requirements for techno-functional and sensory parameters. The added proteins must satisfy a variety of needs: 


  • defined viscosity
  • heat-stability
  • excellent solubility
  • easy processability
  • high water binding capacity
  • improved storage stability


  • clean, milky flavour
  • creamy mouthfeel
  • smooth texture

Nutritional aspects

  • high quality amino acid profile
  • natural source of calcium
  • clean label (no E-Numbers)
  • ratio between Casein and Whey Protein can be modified according to customers needs due to nutritional value or functionality

With our MTM® and Megglosat® range we can offer optimized products for various applications. 
Here below a selection of our product portfolio. More information and products can be found on our website. 

Fermented Dairy Products: MTM® YO 80-3, MTM® N 80

Milk Beverages: MTM® Sport 5, MTM® TJO 805

Protein Bars: Megglosat® HP ME

Pudding and Desserts: MTM® Sport 5

In addition to functional protein compounds, we also produce and sell Casein, Caseinates, MPC and WPC, which complement our protein portfolio. 
Our many years of know-how and in-house production from high-quality raw materials guarantee the greatest possible efficiency for your products. 

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