Cavi·Art® - is seaweed caviar. We are the alternative to roe and caviar.

Cavi·Art® is the sustainable choice – it makes a difference!

Cavi·Art® made from seaweed is the "roe” of the future. Our products can replace all types of caviar.

Cavi·Art® is the environmentally conscious choice and has many other benefits:

  • The product has a long shelf life.
  • Our prices are stable and low!
  • Security of supply– we don’t run out of raw materials or products.
  • We use only natural dyes!
  • Our products do not need refrigeration or freezing.
  • We are open to product development.

Choose the future - choose Cavi·Art®! We make a difference. 

Cavi·art® in retail: is sold in 100g glass jars to supermarkets. Several of our supermarket customers have been buying the product for more than 20 years. Our products generate a good business and is the responsible choice.

Cavi·art® in foodservice: Today, Cavi·art® is the preferred choice of "caviar" in the Danish food service. Figures from the market indicate that Cavi·art® makes up 70-80% of the roe served in Danish restaurants. Our plant-based caviar can achieve the same status in food service in other countries.

Cavi·art® in industry: has become a popular substitute for roe/caviar in the industry. The products are a good alternative to roe as they are easy to work with, no risk of contamination, cheaper and can make classic dishes vegan. 

Tosago®is seaweed caviar made to replace masago and tobiko for sushi.

Our products are environmentally friendly, sustainable and even vegan - that’s the future!

In addition to securing future fish stocks, Tosago® is also easy to use:

  • Tosago® does not need refrigeration or freezing.
  • The product has a long shelf life.
  • We have stable prices.
  • Security of supply - we don’t run out of raw materials or products.
  • We use only natural colorants!

Impress customers and consumers with this fascinating sustainable choice!

Tosago®makes a difference! For the ocean and the plate.

Tosago® for Food service: We have developed Tosago® - so it can be used 1:1 instead of Tobiko and Masago. Our products are packed in 500gram units and can also be used if you want a more exciting vegan sushi menu.

Tosago® in the industry: The product is perfect for large scale production of sushi! It is far better than masago and tobiko. We can deliver in large containers: 3kg, 5kg and 116kg with long shelf life when stored at 0C to 35C.

It also means that the supermarkets can easily store products with Tosago® than if masago was used.

We can customize the products to your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a sample to work with!

We will continuously innovate in order to inspire both professional customers and food enthusiasts.

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