VAC 95+ for recycling
at the highest level

Sustainable vacuum bag that can be fully recycled

It's new, it's sustainable, it's fully recyclable: VAC 95+ is the name of the new innovative vacuum bag from allfo, which brings a plus in sustainability to the retail trade. This revolutionizes processes in the food and packaging industry. Like no other vacuum bag, the new VAC 95+ combines outstanding barrier properties with great performance in product presentation and excellent environmental compatibility. 

The new product consists of over 95 percent polypropylene (PP) and a thin high barrier. This is the reason why we gave him the name VAC 95+. 

In contrast to the material composite of polyethylene (PE) and polyamide (PA), the PP structure can be recycled. The innovative PP bags with thin high barrier can be identified, sorted out by modern sorting machines and then processed into high-purity recyclates. 

This has been officially confirmed now: For the latest generation of PP bags, allfo, the European market leader for high-quality vacuum bags, has received the EU-wide certification from the cyclos-HTP institute in the category „recyclability class AAA“. "With the VAC 95+ we hit the mark and offer an innovative and sustainable solution at the right time. This is because the pressure on food manufacturers and the packaging industry is increasing all the time. Now more than ever, ecological alternatives to conventional vacuum bags made of PA/PE are in demand. With our new VAC 95+, we are providing this alternative precisely, which is also expected by consumers at the point of sale," explains Harald Gessinger, Sales Manager at allfo. VAC 95+ was developed in the company's own laboratory and application technology center at the company's site in Germany. 

Powerful sustainability

The sustainable product protection is powerful as usual. It has the same barrier properties as the classic PA/PE vacuum bags and keeps food fresh and appetizing at the highest level. The high barrier properties protect the packaged products against water vapor (H2O), oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2), which leads to a longer shelf life for food and other sensitive products. Due to the very good sealability, the VAC 95+ can be used on all common vacuum chamber machines. This makes it the ideal environmentally friendly bag for sensitive foods such as meat, sausage, fish or seafood. Cheese, potatoes, ready-to-eat meals and vegetables also stay fresh in the VAC95+ and are safely protected against spoilage during transport and on the shelves. 
Hygienic preservation of food is ensured by the close contact of the vacuum pouches with the product and a stable gas and oxygen barrier. 


With VAC 95+ companies achieve the recycling rate 

allfo's innovation helps companies to achieve the recycling quota required by the EU. The European Packaging Directive (94/62/EC), which was published as early as 2018, affects all member states and requires a recycling quota of 50 percent for plastics within the next five years. By the end of 2030, the quota increases even further - to 55 percent. The European Commission is even advocating that all plastic packaging on the EU market should be recyclable by that date. "Here in Germany, these stricter requirements already apply. Our national packaging law requires a recycling rate of 58.5 percent for plastics at the moment, and from 2022 it must be as high as 63 percent. With our VAC 95+ produced in Germany, companies can achieve the required high recycling rates - today and in the future," says Mr. Gessinger. 

Vacuum bags for a reduced CO2 footprint

Not only its recyclable materials, but also the high quality of the PP bag pays off for the environment. This is because the CO2 footprint generated during food production is much higher than the generated footprint during the production process of vacuum bags. So every vacuum bag that protects food from spoiling makes a contribution to greater sustainability

Sustainability at allfo 

Sustainability is part of allfo's programme and does not only stand for environmental protection. At allfo, sustainability also stands for future-oriented products, conscious resource management, environmentally friendly facility management and responsible cooperation. In addition to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, allfo also pays particular attention to material and energy efficiency with regard to sustainability. Waste avoidance plays a major role for the European market leader. The waste produced during the manufacture of vacuum bags is strictly sorted at allfo and its quota is monitored as part of waste management.

About allfo

allfo Vakuumverpackungen is the European market leader for high-quality vacuum bags. The extensive product range extends from sideseal, shrink and tubular bags to cook-in-bags and stand-up pouches and multi-layer bags, available in various sizes and film thicknesses. Flexible and fast production guarantees short delivery times and maximum supply security for customers. Top quality at fair prices is the customer-oriented philosophy of the company. In addition to the food sector, allfo vacuum packaging is also ideal for non-food applications such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and the packaging of technical products. allfo supplies a comprehensive range of printed and unprinted film bags worldwide.

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