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Global overview

CommoditiesLatest (31/12/2020)Past month value% change in a month% change in a year
Commercial agricultural commodities and products

Cocoa (US$/kg)2.392.41-0.66-8.13
Coffee, Arabica (US$/kg)3.543.481.7912.98
Coffee, Robusta (US$/kg)1.561.59-1.820.26
Tea, Colombo (US$/kg)3.343.41-2.161.94
Tea, Kolkata (US$/kg)2.632.601.1633.61
Tea, Mombasa (US$/kg)2.031.944.78-11.33
Groundnuts (US$/mt)1,892.861,937.50-2.3026.19
Soybeans (US$/mt)576.30510.9412.7948.90
Orange (US$/kg)0.630.64-0.5523.76
Cotton, A Index (US$/kg)1.921.797.6610.32
Rubber, TSR20 (US$/kg)1.591.571.398.75
Rubber, SGP/MYS (US$/kg)2.302.33-1.2836.47
Sugar, EU (US$/kg)0.400.400.079.64
Sugar, US (US$/kg)0.630.631.3011.16
Tobacco, US import u.v.  (US$/mt)4,423.614,435.89-0.28-6.79
Edible oils

Coconut oil  (US$/mt)1,454.541,464.96-0.7146.53
Palm oil  (US$/mt)990.341,016.37-2.5618.62
Palm kernel oil  (US$/mt)1,371.551,224.8711.9843.66
Soybean oil  (US$/mt)1,075.521,026.204.8123.10
Rapeseed oil  (US$/mt)1,105.731,097.630.7417.45
Sunflower oil  (US$/mt)890.00890.000.005.91

Maize (US$/mt)234.47198.7717.9636.49
Rice, Thai 5%  (US$/mt)545.00520.004.8120.84
Rice, Vietnamese 5%  (US$/mt)490.98477.392.8540.81

Note: Indices in local currencies, except RTSI which considered in US$ terms. Source: Data compiled by GlobalData sourcing from respective stock exchanges.

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