Discover the Healthy Ageing Benefits of

Euromed Mediterranean Fruit Extracts

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Euromed Innovation Center, following extensive scientific investigation and inspired by the healthy ageing benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, has identified, extracted and researched its key beneficial phytochemicals, providing precise and evidence-based benefits in standardized and versatile formats.

We bring to the nutraceutical industry a long history of pioneering phytopharmaceutical quality: Euromed was founded in 1971, as a vertically integrated leading producer of standardized herbal extracts and active pharmaceutical ingredients of botanical origin. Annually, more than 5,000 tons of biomass are extracted at our two manufacturing plants in Spain, complying with pharmacopoeias and highest international regulatory standards. The newest production plant in Murcia further expands our capabilities with eco-friendly technologies, such as the Pure-Hydro Process™: a water-only extraction technology, that avoids the use of potentially contaminant chemical solvents in extracting beneficial properties of botanicals.

Decades of phytopharmaceutical experience serve global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, seeking consistent standardization of every production batch, full traceability, identity, purity, safety, evidence-based efficacy and sustainability.

Innovation is also one of our key priorities. In summer 2018 Euromed inaugurated its new Research & Innovation Center with the objective to bolster our leading position in producing highest quality botanical extracts with state-of-the-art technologies. 

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