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CBDepot is a pioneer in the production of high-quality natural cannabinoid ingredients and a world-leading researcher into this revolutionary compound.

The company, with roots dating to 2014, has been a leader in helping to establish legal and quality standards for cannabinoid ingredients and the formulation of cannabidiol derivatives that have a fast-growing presence in sectors including food, cosmetics and other health products.

Our mission to provide legal, high quality natural cannabinoid ingredients

The cannabinoid-enriched products for the industrial and consumer markets is driven by our belief that cannabinoid-based products can contribute not only to medical care in a broad and complex therapeutic range, but is also a small-dose aid that can improve well-being among consumers.

CBDepot operates under a narcotic license from Czech Ministry of Health, having all stages of production process covered, including extraction and distillation, as required by the UN Single Convention, where Cannabis extract is a Schedule I substance.

On request CBDepot provides to its partner the Letter of Legal compliance in production and marketing of isolated cannabinoids, which demonstrates that any ingredient sourced with CBDepot is produced and traded 100% legally.

CBDepot has been a leading participant in the development of a fair and responsible regulatory environment for CBD through its work with the European Union, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Foundation for Alternative Approaches to Addiction (FAAAT). Our leadership in working groups of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) has given us deep knowledge of the wider socio-economic aspects of our industry.

Our activities also extend to the development of extraction and purification technology as well as scientific analysis critical to development of our product lines

We have long been active in broader research on hemp under Slovak government licenses, and ultimately helped to push the Slovak government to adopt EU hemp-related farming rules in 2008. Through our affiliation with Hemp Seed Oil Europe, Ltd., a widely recognized European player, we've distributed Canadian hemp seed ingredients for the food, feed and cosmetics markets in the EU on a large scale since 2009. That business has given CBDepot a profound appreciation for food safety legislation, and for regulations governing food supplement and health claims.

As the regulatory framework for hemp CBD extracts and tinctures in foods continues to unfold, CBDepot has been a leader in working to establish progressive rules for this important sector; and we have lent our expertise to the ongoing efforts to establish EU-wide regulations on allowable levels of THC in foods.

We strongly believe there is no room for health or medicinal claims for CBD in free access end user products, and work diligently with governmental agencies to develop rules for marketing and health claims on CBD-based consumer products.

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