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Footwear problems?

We have a comprehensive range of food boots that could provide the solution


Our innovative Cryolite compound significantly reduces the weight of the boots, reducing wearer fatigue and improving comfort It is also PVC free and bio degradable.

Performs at low temperatures

Our food boot range provides excellent low temperature flexibility (down to -40C for Foodmax boots) combined with excellent thermal insulation properties and are available with an optional thermal liner.


All of our boots feature a wide ‘comfort’ fitting, ergonomic insole with additional cushioning and arch support and an energy absorbing heal, ideal for wearers who are on their feet all day.

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Slippery floors?

Our high-grip vulcanised rubber soles provide excellent traction on wet and slippery floors, with grip typically improved by 30% over conventional sole materials. Boots with these soles achieve an SRC rating in standards testing (to EN ISO 20345:2011), which means they provide good slip resistance for both wet and oily floors.

Special applications? - No Problem!

Aggressive chemicals or cleaning agents?

Foodmax boots provide excellent chemical resistance and are certified to EN 13832 – we have permeation and degradation for a range of common chemicals and even have our own testing lab if you need specialist advice or assistance. 

Sensitive equipment

We can provide a range of boots which meet electro-static discharge (ESD) guidelines to reduce the risk of static damage and sparks. 

High voltage equipment

Our Foodmax LV boots are certified to EN 50321 Class 0 (the European standard for insulating footwear), providing protection for live working at up to 1kV – Ideal for areas with high voltage machinery or stunning equipment.