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A new source of fat in food production!

SALfresh® Refined is a 100% natural triglyceride salmon oil made from the biproducts at Nordlaks facility in Norway. With a smokepoint of 230°C / 446°F, free from allergens and neutral smell and taste, this is a new source of fat in food production.

Through a careful and gentle refining process without any use of chemicals, the salmon oil is converted into an oil with a neutral smell and taste, a pre-requisite for use in the food ingredients industry. The refining process removes any environmental contaminants left in the oil which enables the oil to comply with all regulatory requirements worldwide. The result is a unique oil with advantageous properties, proven through several scientific experiments and tests. Used in correct amount, claims correlated to Omega-3 can be added to the products. The oil is free from allergens and has a smokepoint of 230°C /446°F. It is available in drums of 190 kg each. 

Frequently asked questions

Where and how is the oil produced?

The oil is produced in the processing plant at our partner Nordlaks, located at Stokmarknes north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. The raw material is sourced continuously and produced within 75 minutes from alive fish enters the factory.

Is this a natural oil?

The oil is a 100% natural triglyceride salmon oil where all the natural fatty acids are present.

Is the oil sustainable?

The oil is made from all the remaining part of the salmon after the processing has taken place. This way the entire salmon is used, nothing is wasted.

Why is the oil healthy?

The oil contains fatty acids such as Omega-3, 6, 9 and other healthy fat. This comes from the food the salmon is eating, which is made with both fish and plant oil. That way this oil is a new blend, providing the best from two worlds.

Does the oil smell or taste fish?

No, the oil has a neutral smell and taste.

How can the oil be used?

The oil is suitable as an ingredient in various types of food. The oil has been successfully tested as an ingredient in bread, cakes, minced fish- and meat products as well as deep frying and emulsions.

Is the oil available on a regular basis?

The oil is produced every working day of the week and is available on a steady basis year round with the same high quality.

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