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CBD & Sports

A major player in the wellness economy

CBD and sports is one of the biggest growing trends of 2019. So, just what is CBD? How can it benefit those in the fitness world and what is all the fuss about?

CBD & fitness is a match made in heaven, as CBD can support all stages of training, from pre and post-workout to gaining that competitive edge on competition day. Amma Life CBD products are approved under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) due to the THC content being under 0.1%.

Regular or increased training, can put an extra demand on your body and lead to greater muscle fatigue. CBD can support your system to recover quicker from additional sports training. It may also help your body create greater muscle mass. This is why CBD is a perfect asset in any fitness regime.

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Looking to get into the wellness industry or expand your health product range? Reports show that there are thousands of new customers taking CBD for the first time every month. This is your opportunity to stock and retail Amma Life's superior range of CBD products instore and online.

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