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Clear high DHA Algal oil

Progress Biotech

Progress Biotech is the first company to supply a clear flavourless and odourless High DHA Algal oil on the global market. They have successfully combined a pure and stable Algal Oil product with the best refining and processing techniques. Their own quality-assurance methods guarantee superior standards and specifications, also enabling them to support full traceability of its products which is endorsed by the ISO-22000 certification and Novel food approval.

The people involved in Progress Biotech represent more than 100 years of experience in the wide field of expertise involved in this type if activities. Benefiting from the best available facilities in the port of Rotterdam, they are capable to fulfill any logistical requirement by any means of transportation from their certified warehouse.

The Products

DHA Algal oil, 40%-50%, standard or winterized

The first clear, flavourless and odourless High DHA Algal oil.
Mechanically extracted oil from Schizochytrium algae, refined in Switzerland. Vegetal oil in its natural Triglyceride form.

70% DHA Concentrate

Mechanically extracted oil from Schizochytrium algae, refined and concentrated in Europe to the highest standards. Vegetal oil in EE (Ethyl Ester) form. On request also available in TG (Triglyceride) form.

10% DHA encapsulate from Algae

Free flowing powder with unmatched dissolvability containing 10% DHA from Schizochytrium algae. Produced in Europe. Encapsulated to the highest microbiological and technical standards.

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Contact us

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