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Gnocchi, a type of traditional Italian dumpling, is a classic style of pasta that is soft, thick, and rich-tasting as it is usually filled with mashed potatoes. Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi is an update on this classic dish that replaces mashed potatoes with 75% cauliflower along with other ingredients like cassava flour and potato starch. The result is a version of gnocchi that has less fat and fewer calories than regular gnocchi and also has no wheat, sugar, dairy, or egg ingredients. A one-cup (140g) serving of the product has just 22 carbohydrates and 6g of fibre. A 12oz (340g) bag of the frozen product sells for $2.69.

58% of Americans say they would consider vegetables as an alternative to traditional carbohydrates

Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director for GlobalData, says: "Cauliflower has really taken off as a replacement for carbohydrate-heavy staples like rice and potatoes thanks to its low calorie content, mild taste, and high fibre content. According to a recent report in The New York Times, riced cauliflower (which is often promoted as a substitute for rice) proved to be so popular at Trader Joe's that the supermarket chain had to impose a two-bag limit on customers after it launched its own version of the product last year. 

“Moreover, riced cauliflower pioneer Green Giant is said to be harvesting six times as much cauliflower today than it did when it launched its riced cauliflower product in late 2016. Clearly, cauliflower has caught on as a 'healthy swap' and Trader Joe's is very much 'on-trend' to move the vegetable into new niches, like gnocchi." 

He adds: "American consumers are open to considering alternatives to traditional carbohydrates, paving the way for cauliflower-based innovation like Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi. According to GlobalData's Q1 2017 consumer survey, 58% of Americans say they would consider vegetables (excluding white potatoes) as an alternative to traditional carbohydrates. Support rises to 66% for Americans aged 25–34, suggesting that this trend has much more room to run."

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