JOSH Naturals GmbH

Josh Naturals is a supplier of clinically tested nutritional ingredients for the food supplement market.

We partner with companies who have innovative products and technologies and offer these to the European market

Quality, Safety and Efficacy is our main focus

Our ingredients are mainly targeted for sports nutrition.

A few others are focussed on general health and well being facilitating an overall improved quality of life.

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Sports Nutrition ingredient of the Year

All - Natural CAFFEINE AMPLIFIER Providing Same - Day Effect

Natural ingredient from the turmeric ginger family

Compelling human studies support safety & efficacy

Successful applications across the world

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Boost your performance with

new ingredient for sports nutrition

....Beet with Right Nitrate

100% Natural, 1.5% - 2.75% nitrate with Clinical Study

Beet ‘boosts’ mental and physical performance

Red beet is a rich source of nitrate. Nitrate percentage in this product of nature varies since it is influenced by season, climate, soil etc.  

Nitrate increases exercise performance and tolerance, boosts stamina and endurance. It also plays a role in maintaining brain health and cardiovascular health  

Red beet helps lower blood pressure, is rich in immune boosting Vitamin C, folate, fiber, iron, betalains and essential minerals like potassium and manganese

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enteric coated Capsaicin extract

small, safe and effective

small - in tiny beadlet form

safe – no burning in the stomach

effective – thermogenic, boosts metabolism

Capsaicin helps in pre-workout and weight management

Capsaicin being pungent causes burning sensation while handling during production as well as when it passes the stomach when taken orally. encapcin is a protected form of capsaicin produced with unique technology which provides easy handling and safe passage of capsaicin through the stomach 

encapcin can be easily mixed with other powders to give a homogenous mix

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