Good food safety starts with temperature data

Accurate and reliable temperature data is essential for the integrity of the food industry and the safety of consumers.

Get the data you need for effective food safety and quality compliance with 

Tinytag Data Loggers:

robust, reliable and highly accurate measuring devices for monitoring temperature and humidity during food processing, storage and cold chain distribution.

reliable and highly accurate measuring devices for monitoring temperature and humidity during food processing, storage and cold chain distribution.


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Critical temperature monitoring, made simple by a trusted manufacturer

Tinytag data loggers use simple technology that’s easy-to-use, easy-to-manage and conveniently versatile to help businesses gather vital temperature data at every stage of the food supply chain.

Improve temperature management 

Tinytags can aid quality and food safety inspections (including compliance with HACCP regulations) by providing evidence of conditions that’s easy-to-read and readily available in user-friendly data logging software, Tinytag Explorer.
Monitoring with data loggers can indicate the need to replace old or faulty equipment, stabilise temperature conditions in refrigerated areas or improve insulation in packaging, helping you to streamline product storage.

Save energy, save money

Temperature data loggers can help to identify the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment, helping businesses to pinpoint where to save energy and save money across their operation.

Data you can trust

Tinytag data loggers bring over three decades of manufacturing experience from an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited UK manufacturer, Gemini Data Loggers UK Ltd.
Certifiable instrument accuracy through our in-house Calibration Service that’s traceable to National Standards means you can put extra trust in the reliability of your data – and prove it to auditors. 

Reliable Monitoring from Production to Consumption 

Versatile data logging: portable USB data loggers

Compact, portable and easy-to-use Tinytag USB data loggers provide a flexible solution for monitoring food processing and cold chain compliance. Tinytags are battery-powered, self-contained devices and have configurable LED alarms for notifying temperature breaches.

Stay connected:
Tinytag Connect wireless temperature monitoring

The Tinytag Connect system of Radio and LAN (Ethernet) data loggers brings you convenient wireless temperature monitoring at an affordable price.
The Tinytag Connect system is ideal for use in warehouses and refrigerated storage and distribution, where central data management presents a significant –time-saving – advantage.

  • Real-time data access
  • Temperature and relative humidity monitoring
  • Self-configuring system for fast, fuss-free set-up
  • Mix-and-match Radio and LAN loggers according to infrastructure requirements
  • Desktop viewer: view your whole network of data loggers
  • Email alerts when temperatures are out of range

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Case Study: Radio and USB monitoring system for the cold chain

Coming soon: Tinytag DI

Data logging software for enhanced security and data integrity compliance.

We are excited to announce our upcoming software, Tinytag DI, which will help businesses to take greater control over who can access their data.
Audit logs, user authentication and user access levels will help food processors, suppliers and distributors to ensure the completeness and accuracy of their data and protect against accidental modification or manipulation.

For use with the Tinytag Connect system of Radio and LAN data loggers.
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