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Textured fibrous concentrate protein (TFCP)

At European Ingredients Supply & Services we service customers (read partners) by offering high quality ingredients. Specialised in high quality soyabean derivatives such as full-fat soya flours, grits, textured and defatted soya proteins and organic emulsifiers. Particularly proud of our high quality textured soyabean concentrates and functional concentrates / isolates which are used in today's popular vegetarian meat alternatives.

There is a strong active demand for healthy vegetarian meat alternatives. Soya products such as Textured Soya Chunks are mostly valued for their high-quality sustainable protein quality.

Our Textured Soya Proteins contain 50% or 70% protein and are available in different sizes and shapes. Varying from granules to flakes to chunks. Proteins provide better texture, flavour and absorb moisture. It is exactly that, what makes these products the perfect fit in vegan and vegetarian dishes!

Different types, shapes and sizes texturates are used in the production of vegetarian mince, sausages, hamburgers and many more. Only the best Non-GM soyabeans make it to the BRC certified factory where the most advanced technology assures an outstanding and consistent product quality. An advanced R&D center constantly works on improving nutritious foods and beverages.


Not only soya is used in vegetarian applications. Many other ingredients add value. But what about a fibrous soya protein with the advantages of a gluten-network, especially designed for bringing more structure in eat alternatives? Look no further, as this unique product is now available. A true value addition bringing elasticity but at the same time toughness. This is truly a one-of-a-kind novel textured soyabean concentrate with approximately 70% protein. Its meat-like fiber structure provides chewiness, good water absorption and oil retention. Available in several shapes and forms with different protein levels. 

Not only textured soya proteins are used in today's meat analogues. Functional concentrates and isolates have more than proven their worth.

Images of fibres

Soya protein isolate is a product that contains at least 80-90% protein and no fats or carbohydrates. They are perfect emulsifiers with the capability of binding approximately 5 parts of water. This allows for creating gels and emulsions, keeping the recipe together and providing firmness. Another advantage of soya protein isolates is it's neutral flavour and taste profile. With a large array of different types of soya isolates, EISS are able to offer the right product.

Functional soya concentrates offer magnificent fat-binding and water- binding properties. Used in many meat and meat alternatives. Offering a protein content of around 70%. Often compared to isolates, functional concentrates perform better in offering super-high emulsifying capabilities. Another difference can be found in their stronger freezing resistance and lower freezing denaturation. So if you are looking for a robust emulsifier, please consider a functional soya protein concentrate. Being able to chose from four different soya protein concentrates, there is always a fit for your recipe.

Image of textured soy protein

Soya Proteins are an indispensable link in today’s need for healthy, easy and great tasting products. Especially for the environment-minded consumer. Compared to milk, meat and egg proteins, soya proteins require less natural resources. Therefor making soya proteins the most desired product of choice for manufacturers and consumers. Soya Proteins offer cost savings and provide functional properties. Highly nutritious and easy to incorporate. 

European Ingredients Supply & Services B.V. offer a full range of high quality conventional soya products for use in different applications. 

European Ingredients Supply & Services is a service-driven organisation understanding your specific needs and offering those solutions that work for you. We understand that you need transparancy, legal compliance and traceability. With many years of experience, the team of European Ingredients Supply & Services is able to provide technical support. Our supply partners manufacture high quality ingredients, so you can manufacture your high quality products.

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