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Can vertical farming ever become mainstream?

The environmental impact of agriculture could lead to a rethink of our farming systems

How faux fish is taking a shot across the bows of the UK seafood market

Plant-based burgers are on the rise, but is faux fish the next product to storm the industry?

The exit interview - Quorn Foods CEO Kevin Brennan 

After stepping down from the helm of what is now a brand synonymous with the meat-free industry, we hear Kevin Brennan' thoughts on the company's growth and future

"Stay level-headed and positive" - SMEs on coping with coronavirus

SMEs in the food sector tell us about the impact coronavirus has had on their day-to-day business lives

Coronavirus case studies: using tech to adapt to disruption

Some businesses are finding new opportunities using technology to pivot in new directions



How has the food supply chain handled coronavirus?

The COO of UK food manufacturing trade body The Food and Drink Federation discusses how food firms are responding to the emergency

The key trends for supplements and nutraceuticals in 2020

We hear from a select group of industry experts, who share their predictions and thoughts on the trends we can expect to see in 2020

What's the outlook for CBD food in Europe? 

Comments from regulators in Europe have left some in the food industry worried about what's ahead for the region's nascent CBD food market

Distill Ventures’ invests in the shifting drinks landscape 

We hear from the CEO of Distill Ventures about the shifting consumer landscape in drinks 

Distell frees its premium wines

We hear from Kay Nash, the head of Distell's new premium wine unit, Libertas Vineyards & Estates

Morrisons not liable for rogue employee data leak

The Supreme Court has ruled that the supermarket chain cannot be held liable for the actions of a rogue employee, but what precedent does this set?

‘Baked in’ recipe management: how tailored systems can help bakeries

Effective recipe management will be key, argues the SMB director at Columbus UK

Quintessential's push for whiskey innovation

We speak to Quintessential Brands' CMO about the future of the Irish whiskey category