Algosource produces and refines its own microalgal biomass on the French Atlantic Coast since 1993. 
We grow, extract and formulate nature active ingredients and nutraceuticals from microalgae for healthcare purposes: 

  • Spirulysat®: a novel and unique antioxidant boosted spirulina revolution for nutraceutical use. Spirulysat® combines the unique effects of phycocyanins into a 100% natural product with a perfect blue color. 
  • Spirugrass: a biorefining fraction of Spirulina, provided in powder, that covers the daily requirements in vitamin k, iron or amino acids 
  • Chlorellysat: a concentrated extract of Chlorella that offers a disruptive way of using this antioxidant and detox microalgae. The aqueous form guarantees a better bioavailability
  • Low-sodium Marine Magnesium: the only natural marine magnesium suitable with low-sodium diets. 

Algosource is fully integrated in the whole microalgae chain of values and actively working with its clients to bespoke new microalgal molecules of interest. 
Whatever your requirements: 

  • Using our bulk ingredients in your own formula/recipe or packaging them yourself
  • Creating your own brand with our products (private label)
  • Identifying a new molecule of interest and/or a specific functionality for your business

Contact us: 

Please contact us: 

37, Boulevard de l’Université

+33 240 172 679