Welcome to European Ingredients Supply & Services, or simply in short... Welcome to E.I.S.S!  At E.I.S.S you will find high quality ingredients destined for use in Bakery, Meat, Confectionery, Feed and many more industries. Rest assured you will receive the best ingredients. At E.I.S.S, we understand that only the best ingredients are good enough for your products. 

Besides quality, nowadays sufficient stock enabling a quick and just-in-time delivery are important factors as well. With these deliveries, order documentation will be sent before the actual delivery takes place. Customer service before, during and after delivery. One of the after-sales customer service actions is a quick and complete handling of your questionnaire request.  

Specialised in soy

Specialised in soy derivatives you will be able to choose from a wide selection of different emulsifiers or flours. Since you can count on a team of specialists, technical support is part of the service! Understanding your needs and demands, together we work towards the best solution for you. Tailor-made service at your doorstep. Another advantage of specialist know-how is the ability to co-develop your unique formulation and provide innovative specialised ingredients. 

Whether you need textured soy ingredients in your vegetarian pasta bolognese or perhaps European origin defatted soy flours in your flatbreads, E.I.S.S have the right product for you. Would you rather choose a more natural or organic alternative? At E.I.S.S you will find it. More and more food production facilities switch to more natural and organic ingredients. Consumers value organic foods that do not contain chemical or pesticide residues. Not only for health reasons but also for environmental and animal welfare.  

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Certified Non-GMO products

Suppliers of feed ingredients see an increase of customers asking for certified Non-GMO products. There is an ongoing resistance against crops that are being sprayed to withstand pesticides. So the idea is to find the supply that secures segregation and traceability whilst conducting ongoing testing. Our soy ingredients such as full-fat soybean flour are certified Non-GMO. Produced by a GMP+ certified manufacturing plant. As the European raw material is PCR-tested with a sensitivity of 0,1%, you can safely count on our feed ingredients to meet your Non-GMO requirements. 

With a specialised portfolio of high quality emulsifiers and soy derivatives, we deliver solutions for all your ingredients needs. Committed and service-driven, we welcome you.