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Agilery – Revolutionising food contract manufacturing and innovation

Based in the centre of Europe, in the vibrant innovation hub that is Zurich, Switzerland, Agilery was born just two years ago to answer the growing issues of food businesses. How to launch new products in a lean way, at small scale and at reasonable costs? How to navigate the opaque manufacturing industry? And, simply, where to start? 

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t’s when Marcin was working for a large European contract manufacturer that he identified the pain points of food innovators. While new ideas and concepts were flourishing, the critical shift from a kitchen to a scaled-up production proved to be more challenging that it should be. As a result, many great products failed too quickly.

“Optimising the utilisation of machinery and equipment with high volume assignments is a characterising driver in the food industry. As a result, many small scale production requests get rejected. No one wants, on the other hand, to miss a rising star product opportunity. Agilery is here to help to avoid this contract manufacturers’ dilemma by filtering and professionalising production requests and by managing the complexity of small-scale innovation projects.”, says Marcin.

With a Co-Founders team reinforced by Béné and Jonas, widening the company’s expertise, Agilery has made it its duty to answer these issues, and prove that the food manufacturing ecosystem is ready for a revolution.

What is Agilery?

Agilery is a food industry platform aimed at helping food manufacturers, suppliers and brand owners, from start-ups to global leaders. 

Europe’s industrial food ecosystem is vibrant and manyfold. A dizzying number of more than 290’000 food processing companies, consisting of 99% regional SMEs, makes it difficult to isolate optimal supply setups. Agilery brings transparency into the sector by leveraging new digital possibilities for product launches. However these new products will only last in the market if their costs are continuously optimised with scale. Agilery therefore aims to reach new levels of supply chain efficiency, driving the overall improvement of Europe’s food system.

Food industry companies, made of co-manufacturers, but also ingredients and packaging suppliers, product developers, logistics and service providers, are enlisted through a simple onboarding process, gaining visibility, clarity and additional sales channel towards customers of all sizes. 

Food brands and product owners, from entrepreneurs and start-ups up to large retailers and global corporate leaders, finally get the support they needed for navigating the food ecosystem, implement their product vision and leverage cost-savings potentials

Agilery platform and project management team acts as the general contractor, selects and orchestrates the best supply and manufacturing setup for new product implementation as well as for long-term continuous optimisation.

Proven track record of valuable support 

Selected from many successful new product launches and long-term collaborations, here is a few examples of how Agilery took food businesses to the next step. 

Initiated by an enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneur, REBELS 0.0% was first just an idea: launching the first Swiss-made alcohol-free spirits range. Starting from just a concept, organising the product development and creating a tailored supply and manufacturing setup, Agilery managed to turn a product vision into reality. Always aiming to cooperate with its customers on the long run, Agilery was also assigned to continuously handle the operations of this innovative brand.

Such a one-stop service for outsourced operations is becoming a major part of the company’s activities. HLTHPUNK is another successful example. With Agilery, this American organic sauces brand found the right partner to manage their entire operations in Europe. Produced on the old continent and sold in the US, this rapidly-expanding brand is now preparing for their European market launch. Staying close to its customers, letting them focus on their marketing and sales, and quickly adapting to any change is Agilery’s mission.

Agilery also proved its value towards multi-billions food corporations. The full implementation, from pre-selection to launch, of a private label plant-based meat alternative for a large retailer or the European-wide screening of highly specific small-scale production capacities for a global leader are just some examples of these services.

Meet the Co-Founders team!

Marcin’s passion is to solve the food contract manufacturer’s dilemma of supporting innovation while still being highly efficient and at scale. Thanks to his wide experience in manufacturing, food innovation and management consulting, Marcin is Agilery’s CEO. 

Béné’s true love for food shines through the implementation of new food products.  
Her 15 years in the flavour industry have shaped her nose to select the best ingredient suppliers to achieve the right sensorial experience, within the simplest supply chain, at a reasonable cost. She is therefore overseeing the ongoing projects as the COO. 

Jonas believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur. Thanks to his experience in several multinational companies focused on food manufacturing management, Jonas knows well all the aspects and challenges of launching new products. He understands how each company, from start-ups to global leaders, have different needs and how they can be addressed. That’s why he is in charge of Business Development. 

Want to know more? 

Whether you want to launch a concrete project, be part of our European industry network or simply have a chat, get in touch!

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