Revolutionising food contract manufacturing and innovation

Agilery provides the long-awaited service that the food ecosystem needs: a centralised knowledge for the implementation of new products and supply chain optimisation.

What is Agilery?

Agilery is a food industry platform aimed at helping food manufacturers, suppliers, and brand owners, from start-ups to global leaders.

Our mission is to catalyse the good food revolution. Launching new products faster and with less investments fosters innovation and increases the speed of the ongoing positive change.

How does it work?

Food Industry Companies are connected, through Agilery Platform and Team, to Brand Owners 

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How does it work?

Food Industry Companies are connected, through Agilery Platform and Team, to Brand Owners 

Food Industry Companies

Pool of companies in Europe, involved in the implementation of new packaged food products.

Agilery Platform and Team

General contractor, selecting and orchestrating the best fitting industry companies for food product implementations from A to Z.

Brand Owners

Companies or individuals with a product vision, requiring support with lean implementation.

How can we help you?

Food Industry

Are you a food manufacturer? Are you an ingredients- or packaging supplier? Do you develop food products or provide other services across the food value chain?

Register on Agilery Platform, and…

Get on the radar of corporate innovation units

Get requests from innovative food startups with cutting edge product concepts

Create an additional sales channel for assignments with highest growth potential – while pre-filtered according to your preferences (formats, minimum quantities, etc.)

Get support  in finding ingredients, packaging, special processing and services

Assign Agilery to implement your showcase product, promoting your processing skills, specialty ingredients and others

Food Brands

Are you responsible for a food brand or label? Are you an innovator? Do you have a product vision, requiring lean implementation or industrial scale-up?

Contact us for a customised offer in order to…

Implement an envisioned food concept

Launch a food product quickly, without high upfront investments

Get early consumer feedback and iterate with product optimisations

Outsource your supply chain operations to assign only the best fitting partners for the job, orchestrated by one general contractor

Make sure of continuously high product quality and always leverage cost-savings potential with volume scale-ups

Jonas Schneider – Co-Founder

& Head of Business Development

Agilery AG

Zurich – Switzerland