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In an era of ever-increasing concern for food safety, food manufacturers have a huge responsibility to be proactive in their approach to reducing risks.  
One of these risks is the presence of foreign matter, including metal fragments. 

Our range of RE80 +11,000 Gauss Magnetic Separation systems are designed specifically for the food industry and to current industry standards. They are engineered to achieve maximum product stream coverage, surface strength, and to maximize the ability to retain the collected fragments.

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MagRam™ Automatic Self-Cleaning Separator

Advanced self-cleaning grate magnet designed for maximum magnetic separation and risk reduction in high-tonnage dry food products such as milling or meat rendering

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Rapidclean™ Hygienic Grate Magnet

For hygienic and efficient foreign metal fragment control in dry, free-flowing product lines such as sugar and flour 

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Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet

Aerodynamic and sanitary alternative to conventional Bullet Magnets in high-velocity transfer lines

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Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separator

Efficient magnetic separation in liquid lines such as chocolate and soups. A hygienic alternative to conventional Liquid Trap Magnets

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Magnetic Transfer Control Mats

Prevent tracking of metal contaminants from your maintenance shop into sensitive areas. An effective control that will satisfy your Food Safety Auditors and customers!

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