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Extracta is for global brands, producers and manufacturers seeking to differentiate themselves

Our sustainably sourced bioactive ingredients elevate your business.

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Extracta presents a disruptive innovation opportunity for sustainable and environmentally conscious brands. Our innovative processes allow us to retain vital active nutrients from fresh agricultural crops and food processing surplus.

As the business landscape continues to rapidly evolve, companies need to embrace ingredient innovation to stay relevant.

Virgin prebiotic sugarcane fibre - it is a soluble fibre that can help promote intestinal regularity, feeds healthy bacteria.

This is particularly true when it comes to ethics and sustainability. For brands to succeed, they must prioritise the use of ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients that align with their customers' increasing demands.

To achieve this, companies must leverage transformative functional ingredients without compromising product performance.

What makes Extracta stand out from its competitors?

Extracta sets itself apart from its competitors by being a reliable source of sustainable, bioactive ingredients, with a specialised focus on ethical sourcing and processing.

Organic red grape powder, resveratrol rich - perfect for baking bread, pastries, pasta or health supplement.

Our unique advantage lies in our innovative and functional upcycled ingredients that cater to a broad range of markets, including food, beauty and skincare, human and pet nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.

Our company has established partnerships with Macquarie University and the Queensland University of Technology. Through these collaborations, we stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in processing premium functional ingredients and manufacturing technologies.

Can you explain what Clean Label Ingredients are?

The clean labelling movement, driven by consumers, encourages product developers to create products with straightforward labels that list natural ingredients and eliminate or as a minimum, strictly limit the use of artificial additives. Extracta strictly adheres to this principle and does not include any artificial additives in its products.

Organic white grape powder, a potent antioxidant -  perfect for baking bread, pastries, pasta or health supplement.

We can take the high ground here because we have zero artificial additives.

The ingredient list of a clean-label product should be clear and concise, featuring recognizsable ingredients with minimal chemical-sounding names. In the ideal scenario, there should be no chemical-sounding names at all. The main message is that clean-label products don't compromise on quality or health benefits, making them the best option for the overall well-being of people and the planet.

Why formulate with clean, natural ingredients?

Brands have to be genuine about their effect on the environment. Many brands claim environmental benefits but the claims are often manufactured or overstated. This is called greenwashing and it’s used to create labels that resonate with today’s consumers. However, today’s consumers are more knowledgeable and engaged in discussions about their environmental impact than ever before, and can usually discern impostor products. 

  • 79% of consumers globally read ingredient lists on skin care products 
  • 70% of consumers say that they are willing to pay more for products that are made with clean-label ingredients 
  • 38% are willing to spend more on products they consider to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, or ethically sourced and manufactured.

Apple powder fibre - perfect for baking, ice cream, cereals, porridge, smoothies, shakes or anything else that would require a subtle apple flavour and aroma or just some natural sweetness.

While the data about consumers willing to pay more is good news for many manufacturers, it risks sloppy cost controls which is not sustainable even in the medium term. Extracta does not need to ask its customers to pay more, our core processes are 100% sustainable and completely in line with the best manufacturing environmental practices – they are also cost-competitive. 

By emphasising the use of upcycled ingredients, companies can distinguish themselves and demonstrate their dedication to sustainability. These ingredients can be the star of your products and help you establish a more eco-friendly product line. 

According to Food Navigator, “Upcycling food, or turning otherwise wasted by-products from one product into something delicious and nutritious for people, has emerged as one of the hottest trends in food and beverage in recent years”.

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