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Picking through the data on the food wasted up and down the supply chain doesn’t make for pleasant reading. By some estimates, up to 40% of the world’s food is lost or wasted every year, which, amid the growing concerns about the climate and food security, is, frankly, depressing. 

Tackling the scourge of food waste can seem an insurmountable task but, as David Burrows reports in our cover story, there are some reasons for optimism. 

Spain, meanwhile, has been among the European nations feeling the heat in recent weeks, which, as Elizabeth Cooke explores, has further fuelled anxiety about how drought is affecting the country’s food supply – and intensified calls for investment in tech to help farmers. 

And Just Food met a major player in meat – Denmark’s Danish Crown – to hear how it’s investing in what it calls “generation two” of automation. 

Dean Best, editor