Kurita´s 360° solutions for the full water cycle of your F&B plant help you to save water

By choosing Kurita´s F&B 360° solutions you opt-in for a cost-effective and ecological treatment, leading to more productivity 

Kurita is one of the global market leaders in industrial water and process treatment. With more than 70 years of experience, we provide you with state-of-the-art solutions, tailored to the specific needs of your water systems. Kurita offers an innovative all-in-one solution for the full water cycle of your food & beverage plant, which will help you to save water and energy and improve the productivity of your plant.

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Are you struggling to balance operational costs with the water management of your F&B plant?  

With Kurita’s 360° solutions, we can help you to improve the productivity of your plant.  

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Clients around Europe are already taking advantage of our solutions.

Check out their success stories:

Case Study 01 

Successful water treatment in sterilization process 

Food producer improves optical appearance of packaging by scale inhibition with ecofriendly product Albaphos® FB 9428

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No scaling on packaging and in the autoclaves 

Perfect optical appearance of packaging 

Less cleaning and maintenance necessary 

No corrosion

Case Study 02 

Milk can sterilizer treated with Albaphos® FB 9100

Kurita´s all-in-one solution provides a safer, reliable and cost-efficient treatment for the Food and Beverage industry

Up to 50% less equipment costs 

Safer and reliable dosage while controlling corrosion, deposit control as well as fat & oil dispersion at the same time 

More safety by less handling 

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