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When you think of dry ice you likely think of stage effects at a concert, Halloween haunted houses or even fancy “smoking” cocktails. While dry ice can be used for amazing visual effects, there is so much more to it. Let’s take a look at what dry ice is, and some of the uses for it in the Food and Beverage Industry. 

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ut simply, dry ice is the solid form of CO2. CO2 is a naturally occurring gas in our atmosphere, but for the purposes of sustainability, recycled CO2 is used to make dry ice. Dry ice maintains a temperature of -109° F (-78° C) and sublimates back to gas. This means that unlike water ice, dry ice will not leave behind any liquid.  

Cold Jet® is the world leader in developing innovative, environmentally responsible dry ice production equipment and dry ice cleaning solutions. 

Our two distinct lines of business are centered around the use of dry ice. We provide systems for the production, metering and packaging of dry ice. These systems enable the consistent production of a controlled range of dry ice products for food transportation, cold chain management and dry ice cleaning. Secondly, we produce environmental cleaning, surface preparation and parts finishing systems to global manufacturing industries. These systems utilize particles of dry ice as a blasting medium. Customers are using our technology-based solutions to replace outdated processes that are inefficient and harmful to health, safety and the environment. Cold Jet is headquartered in Loveland, Ohio, with international operations in Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. 

Simplify your cooling and processing operations with dry ice, which provides a safe residue free and enhanced cooling solution

Dry Ice Production for Food Processing

Maintain critical temperatures in food processing with dry ice.  

Dry ice is used in many types of food processing facilities – including bakeries – to control temperature, impede bacteria growth and reduce spoilage. Dry ice is a food grade media and is FDA, USDA and EPA approved for use around food. 

Benefits for Meat processing, Commercial bakeries, Winemaking (Cryomaceration):

  • FDA, USDA, and EPA approved for use around food. 
  • Colorless, tasteless, odorless and non-toxic. 
  • Reduce spoilage and inhibit bacteria growth.  
  • Does not add residue or water into food products. 
  • Cut costs and improve operational efficiency.  
  • 3x the refrigeration power of water ice.  
  • Greater flexibility to meet demand.

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Dry Ice Production for Food Home Delivery 

Onsite dry ice production is critical for delivering perishable goods that keep customers happy and healthy. 

Onsite dry ice production allows food home delivery services and third-party logistics (3PL) companies to take control of their cold chain by providing just-in-time dry ice production solutions that eliminate the impact of supplier shortages. 

Dry ice for food home delivery maintains critical temperatures during the transport of perishable goods, helping to reduce spoilage by mitigating the risk of “thaws” and “leakers.” 

The unique characteristics of dry ice make it a more efficient and cost-effective solution than traditional cooling methods, such as gel packs or refrigerated trucks. 

Benefits for Food Home Delivery, Third Party Logistics (3PL): 

  • Just-in-time dry ice production 
  • Minimize food spoilage 
  • EPA, FDA, and USDA approved for use around food 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Decreases waste 
  • Increases margins by reducing shipping weight & costs compared to gel packs

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Providing a more effective solution to environmental cleaning, surface preparation and parts finishing applications, without the adverse effects

Dry Ice Blasting for Food Processing 

Experience a cleaner clean with a fraction of the waste. 

Food processing and packaging equipment accumulates grease, carbonized residue, seasonings, proteins, harmful bacteria, biofilms, adhesives, and many other contaminants that traditionally take significant time to clean.  

Dry ice blasting for the food industry provides an in-situ cleaning solution that is non-destructive, sustainable, does not use water or chemicals and does not produce secondary waste.  

Processing & Packaging Equipment Cleaning: 

Dry ice blasting thoroughly cleans contamination from process and production equipment in-place, without water or chemicals, and even while the equipment is still running.  

  • Reduce cleaning time and resulting downtime 
  • Clean hot and online 
  • No secondary waste 
  • Non-Abrasive (Will not damage equipment) 
  • Environmentally responsible 
  • Get a cleaner clean (Reduce bacteria counts and remove biofilms) 
  • Reduce risk of unplanned production stoppages and costly repairs 

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