Perception Studio

Industrial Hyperspectral Imaging Tool

Perception Park is an Austrian company passionate about Hyperspectral Imaging. We focus on hyper- spectral data processing solutions for industrial inline applications.
We are committed to delivering the highest performance, extendibility and compatibility. This gives our customers freedom, independence and individuality in their development activities and opens up endless possibilities for new applications, while saving development time and money.
Our systems are well established in food processing, pharmaceutical, recycling and mining industries.

The Perception STUDIO is an easy-to-use software suite for the industrial use of hyperspectral cameras and for the application of Chemical Colour Imaging.

The Perception STUDIO is the first tool that enable the machine vision community to apply hyperspectral cameras without the need for experts of spectroscopy and chemometrics.
In a visually guided workflow the Perception STUDIO gives full control of the application development and provides a direct feedback on every action set. By plug & play the Perception STUDIO takes fully care about camera integration, standardization and calibration. The Perception STUDIO supports industrial interface standards and provides full compatibility to your solutions. By using our real-time engine applications are directly compiled for high-speed applications like sorting.

Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) is a unique processing technology that enables the universal, repeatable application of hyperspectral cameras for machine vision. By a visually guided process CCI makes hyperspectral features accessible for vision systems and abstracts, standardizes and calibrates hyperspectral cameras.

More examples


Detection of contaminants in rice

Hyperspectral imaging allows that the chemical properties of materials are identified and thus differences in the materials can be analysed. The image below shows how a machine vision solution based on hyperspectral imaging detects impurities such as maggots and pieces of would between rice.


This example project contains the measurement of a cheese package with contaminated sealing. 


This is an example to show the possibility for the detection of contaminations on a package sealing by hyperspectral NIR technology.

Further notes of the data sets donor

Reflectance data are measured by means of a 2-sided direct lighting. Some parts on the shiny package show a direct reflection of the light source. This causes oversaturated pixel regions. It is sure good practice to modify the illumination to a much more diffuse one - as result, the shiny parts might get reduced.

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CCI for Pharmaceuticals

Contrariwise to immediate-release dosage, modified-release dosage is a mechanism that is used in tablets (pills) and capsules and delivers a drug with a delay after its administration or for a sustained period of time or to a certain target in the body. This can be achieved through various formulations like liposomes and drug-polymer conjugates like hydrogels. With the present example we investigated the possibility to detect cracks in the sustained-release coating. For this we took tablets (Indapamid 1.5mg) and removed the complete coating from one tablet (top left) and scratched cracks in the coating of two other pills. Using a hyperspectral camera working in the NIR region (SPECIM FX17) and applying the Chemical Colour Imaging technology by means of our Perception STUDIO we could clearly show that the cracks in the coating can be detected. In the right output image the red colour represents the cracks on the pills.

By using the Perception CORE this quality assurance process can be added for a 100% inspection of pills in high-speed production. If we assume that scratches and spalling not only occur in the productions process but also in the packaging process we tested the detection through a plastic blister too.


A visually guided workflow enables full control of applications and provides direct feedback on every action being set. By plug & play the Perception STUDIO takes fully care about camera integration, standardization and calibration.


The Perception STUDIO cares about the integration, standardization and calibration of cameras. This guarantees the repeatability of applications.

Machine Vision

The Perception  STUDIO is specially designed for the need of industrialmachine vision.

User Experience

The Perception STUDIO provides the same user experience and workflow for all cameras. By this you can use of the best suited camera for your application.


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The Perception STUDIO supports standard machine vision interfaces like GigE Vision & Camera Link. Beside this you get a high performance sorting protocol for high speed applications.

Camera Setup

The Perception STUDIO abstracts different cameras and provides all necessary options and parameters to setup cameras in a  standardized way.


The Perception STUDIO provides a whole range of tools for the application work. Numerous applications in many fields are now accessible for machine vision.

Edit Data

The Perception STUDIO provides several tools to handle hyperspectral data and to develop new applications within a visually guided process. You can connect cameras by plug & play, record data, manipulate it and save it in several formats like hsd, mat, ascii or envi.

Pre-process Data

The Perception STUDIO provides various pre-processing methods as well as combinations of them. The Perception STUDIO enables you to quickly compare and identify the best suited methods for your application.

Chemical Colour Imaging

(CCI) methods

Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) encapsulates scientific methodology and makes them accessible by an intuitive user experience. For numerous applications CCI methods enable to handle molecular information by machine vision tools. No more need to consult external experts and know-how is protected.

Further methods

The Perception STUDIO enables to classify manually or by using our unique 1-CLICK-CLASSIFICATION. This enables to detect unknown and untrained
impurities like in sorting applications. Additionally statistical features give deeper insights to hyperspectral data.

Real-time engine Perception CORE

Our real-time engine - Perception CORE - enables the live translation of camera raw data into molecular information described by a machine vision format like colour data. The communication with client applications is enabled by standard interfaces like GigE Vision or Camera Link.

High-Performance Sorting Protocol

For high speed applications like sorting, we additionally provide a high performance sorting protocol which is very robust and guarantees  very low latency.

Multi-platform capabilities

The Perception CORE is available for various high performance data processing platforms like GPUs or NVIDIA Jetson technology.