VOGELBUSCH Biocommodities

We make biotechnology work.

VOGELBUSCH Biocommodities specializes in industrial biotechnology, providing engineering services to sugar and starch processors and to the food and beverage industries.
With first-class technology and worldwide proven know-how, we design and implement bioprocess plants such as:

Neutral Alcohol Plants

Customized solutions for excellent quality.

Neutral alcohol needs to comply with most comprehensive analytical specifications. Our distilleries are individually tailored to customer requirements in terms of raw materials, product characteristics, available infrastructure etc. and are renowned for superior alcohol purity and best energy efficiency.

Baker’s Yeast Plants

Dedicated equipment from feedstock to final product.

From our yeast strain collection, we carefully select the most suitable type for the respective application. Thanks to our extensive experience in microbial production techniques, we can create the perfect environment for yeast growth in the bioreactor and achieve the best product quality through dedicated downstream processing equipment.

Vinegar Plants

Outstanding performance and process reliability.

Key components of the success of our vinegar process are the exceptionally efficient aeration and cooling systems that address the various aspects of submerged fermentation. The fully automated fermenter enables production with consistent vinegar quality over a long period of time with low labor input.

Stand out from the rest with a customized, state-of-the-art plant

Reference projects around the world are proof of advanced technologies and outstanding plant performance. Visit our website to find out more about bioprocess plants designed by VOGELBUSCH.

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