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Natural ingredients to shape confectionery trends

The confectionery market is shaped by trends that constantly challenge manufacturers and developers of sweets. Innovative products, new textures, modern ingredients and the aim to meet growing customer requirements are the driving forces of product development and optimization. 

Topics and trends like vegan/vegetarian, clean label, organic or sustainability growingly gain importance in the confectionery business.

The rising awareness for the ingredients in our food and the demand for natural, healthy, sustainable or organic alternatives is more than just a current trend.  More and more people pay a thorough attention to the foodstuffs, beverages or cosmetics they consume, questioning the ingredient declarations, the quality labels and the respective function of all components. To meet consumers’ needs, manufacturers try to eliminate every ingredient that could possibly be criticized. The demand for natural, harmless and functional clean-label alternatives increases and imposes a lot of responsibility on suppliers and manufacturers. As an international supplier of natural ingredients, we follow these trends and develop innovative and functional ingredient alternatives for our customers.  

Balancing naturalness and innovation 

Norevo supplies natural raw materials and functional ingredients for the food and confectionery industry. With our products, we strive to provide a technological advantage in terms of shorter production time, improved process-performing ability, exact match of the expected sensory profile, and an optimized finished product. 

We furthermore accompany our customers’ product development and innovation processes to offer high quality ingredients together with a holistic service approach. 

Style Your Products!

Norevos ingredients are offered in standardized and easy-to-handle forms or individualized to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Our range of Confectionery Performers cover various functions in pan-coated goods, gums, jellies or chewy candy such as 

  • Gumming / Pre-coating and 
  • Coating & whitening
  • Glazing & sealing 
  • Souring
  • Oiling, anti-sticking 
  • Texturizing
  • Effect-coating 

Expertise on a worldwide scale

Not only do we accompany the product creations of the worldwide clientele, but we anticipate the evolution of consumption trends due to a long-established presence in the international market and a close contact with buyers, production and R&D people at manufacturing companies throughout the food sector.

Based on our international set-up, Norevo’s expert team is present on a worldwide scale, offering the same product expertise and technological know-how to our international customers.

The company-owned set-up of production units enables worldwide supply and a close connection with the customers, which is a key asset when product developments have to be discussed and started on the spot.

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