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The Advantage of Invert Robotics Inspections

Invert Robotics has an innovative, high-tech, state of the art solution for increasing the longevity of your critical production assets. We provide remote, robotic industrial inspections for a range of surfaces including stainless steel, glass and or rubber lined steel. In fact, our state of the art climbing robots can solve any specific challenges whilst at the same time ensuring the safety of your employees.

In the Food and Beverage industry there is little room for error. Thanks to the service we provide and our superior results, your critical equipment inspection is one less thing you need to worry about.

Globally, we support our Food and Beverage clients in an efficient and cost effective way and tailor our inspections to your specific needs.

We can do what conventional inspection methods cannot. We provide you with 360 degree diagnostics so that you can detect cracks and defects on your production equipment faster, even on non-ferromagnetic surfaces.

Our advanced sliding suction cup technology enables our robots to inspect concave and convex surfaces, from a number of angles. We can even complete an inspection hanging upside down.

Due to our high definition cameras and sensor technology we can guarantee accurate results – anytime and anywhere.

World wide, there is currently no match for this kind of safe, accurate and time saving method of inspection. Your assets can be put back into production faster – ensuring minimal down time and therefore minimum loss of production.

On average, our robotic inspections take two hours, including set up time. By using this patented robotic technology, inspectors can quickly identify defects, which our customers can see in real time. A full report, along with imaging is provided within 72 hours.

Invert Robotics puts you back in control of your maintenance schedule. We carry out the inspections accurately and make you aware of any cracks or surface issues as they develop – in turn you can determine the most appropriate response in accordance with your schedule.

Risk Mitigation Through Visual Inspection

Stainless steel processing equipment degrades and corrodes through normal use. High temperatures and caustic cleaning chemicals create a pattern of thermal cycling that can cause cracks to develop near welds inside the production assets. If left unattended these cracks can lead to shortening the life cycle of the asset or even lead to the build up of harmful bacteria.

Invert Robotics’ visual inspection services, identify these cracks and assists you in mitigating these risks that arise. Our core strength is combining our state of the art robotic technology with highly trained and certified inspectors.

Our operators are certified in a range of NDT methodologies, including visual inspections (VT-2). This enables us to deliver a comprehensive and consistent service to our global clients every time.


Our team at Invert Robotics are fully aware that the inspection is only half the solution. For our clients, it is critical to get the production assets back into operation within the shortest time frame. We are receptive to the fact that our clients need to incur the minimum downtime, and avoid a second maintenance window to perform the repairs.

This is where Invert Robotics is at the forefront of technology with our unique, inspect and repair bundle. By using this service our clients get their inspection and subsequent repair done within 24 hours.


Invert Robotics’ high-end robots are portable, reliable and remote. Our multiple redundant adhesion systems mean the system is safe, even during power loss. The robots can be readily transported as airfreight, minimising costs and increasing speed. The robots are controlled remotely from a safe location, ensuring the safety of your workers and our inspectors.

Contract services

We tailor our services to your needs, and our operators will assist your maintenance engineers to perform inspections, and—if required—repairs.

Our Story

James Robertson founded Invert Robotics in 2010 with the intention of shaking up the global inspection market. Between 2011 and 2013 the first climbing robots were developed, capable of crack testing non-ferrous assets.

In 2013 our inspection services were launched to the dairy industry in New Zealand.

Invert Robotics continues to refine its technology and constantly develop new inspection capabilities, including ultrasonic testing and we now have clients not only in the Food and Beverage industry but also in the (Petro) Chemical industry.

Invert Robotics has expanded its organisation and now has offices in New Zealand, Australia, The United States, The Netherlands, France and Germany.

If you are interested in the services we offer, please contact us at our Netherlands office, Invert Robotics Europe BV: or +31 76 3036240

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Tel:  +31 76 3036240

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