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SALfresh® Refined is a 100% natural triglyceride salmon oil where we have used fresh salmon oil directly from the production at Nordlaks before further processing. Through a careful and gentle refining process without any use of chemicals, the salmon oil is converted into an oil with a neutral smell and taste, a pre-requisite for use in the food ingredients industry. The refining process removes any environmental contaminants left in the oil which enables the oil to comply with all regulatory requirements worldwide. The result is a unique oil with advantageous properties, proven through several scientific experiments and tests. Used in correct amount, claims correlated to Omega-3 can be added to the products. The oil is free from allergens and has a smokepoint of 230°C /446°F. It is available in drums of 190 kg each.


Either your business wants to offer healthier burger bread, juicier cakes or a solution to cover daily need of Omega-3 through your products, SALfresh® Refined is a good choice. Replacing other fat, - not only other oils, but also butter/margarine and milk fat, this oil is excellent in a wide variety of baking products. Bread, pies, pastries and more. It is not only suitable in fresh products, but also in bake-off and frozen products. SALfresh® Refined makes your products healthier and juicier. By replacing only 5 ml in one unit, your daily Omega-3 is covered (EFSA), and your business can offer your customers a healthier product.


Emulsions like mayonnaise, sauces, dressings etc. are often made with a large amount of fat. In either of these product lines, SALfresh® Refined is a suitable oil to blend with other oils, giving your products a healthier profile. The focus on healthy food are increasing. This oil can help your industry to improve products with less healthy profile, satisfying your markets demand. Replacing ordinary plant oils with only 10 – 15% SALfresh® Refined is enough to use EFSA claims which will give added value to your products, as well as to your business.


SALfresh® Refined is suitable for blending with ordinary frying oil used in industrial production. Either you are a producer of fried meat or fish, or your business is fried snacks, this robust oil will contribute to a healthier product, giving your business a market advantage. It is proven that the oils healthy benefits are well absorbed in the product. Therefore, by replacing only 15% of ordinary frying oil with SALfresh® Refined, your business is given a unique opportunity to offer a healthier product and to use EFSA claims. The taste is just as good.


SALfresh® Refined is well suited as an additive to fish pudding, fish cakes, fish burgers or fish pâtés. The fish raw material in such products are normally based on white fish protein (without fat, meaning no Omega-3). By replacing some of the fish meat with SALfresh® Refined, the health profile will increase due to the Omega-3 content and enabling the use of EFSA claims. Based on the choice of fish meat, this can also be cost beneficial. Usually minced fish products contain some plant oils. We believe our salmon oil is a natural complementary source for this purpose.


Minced meat products like pâtés and meatballsare excellent products for using SALfresh® Refined. Replacing or simply adding small amounts of our oil in products based on minced meat, will improve your products health value and benefits. In a world with more and more focus on environmental consciousness, doing something with existing meat products should gain positive attention and be beneficial for the consumer as well as the environment. Used in the correct amount, EFSA claims can be added to the products.


Our unique salmon oil can also be used in other complementary products suitable with plant oils. It can easily be blended with other oils to produce new and more healthy oils for the public. Plant Omega-3 is healthy, but the conversion of plant Omega-3 to EPA and DHA is low in humans (<5 %). SALfresh® Refined can lift the level of these important fatty acids to a higher and more easily absorbed level in a wide range of products and with correct amount added, EFSA claims can be made. Products like smoothies and salad dressings are good examples.

Photo: Johan Wildhagen

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SALfresh® is a 100% natural triglyceride salmon oil produced without any chemical additives and only by a mechanical separation of the oil from the raw material. The oil is produced within 75 minutes from the fish is alive which is the fastest produced fish oil in the world before further processing.

SALfresh® Extra Virgin
A winterization process removes the stearins and we end up with a product with a mild taste and smell of fresh salmon. We call this product SALfresh® Extra Virgin, available in 190 kg drums.

SALfresh® Refined
Through a careful and gentle refining process without any use of chemicals, the salmon oil is converted into an oil with neutral smell and taste. The refining process removes any small environmental contaminants left in the oil which enables the oil to comply with all regulatory requirements worldwide. This product is called SALfresh® Refined, available in 190 kg drums.


SALfresh® Citrus
This is a blend of our salmon oil and wild fish oil. The blend is added a natural citrus flavour and a sweetener and is the basis for a liquid product that can be filled in various size bottles or pipette units. Volumes are based on minimum batch of 400 L.

SALfresh® Chewables
This product is made from our SALfresh® Citrus blend with citrus and sweetener and filled in chewable capsules. Based on customer preferences, the capsules are then blister packed in order to provide a product suitable for further packaging and retail deliveries. The chewables are especially popular among children and provide them with a delightful taste of a healthy fish oil supplement. Volumes are based on minimum batch of two drums, which is 760.000 capsules each of 500 mg.

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