Lipofoods, a Lubrizol Company

Lipofoods specializes in the development and production of microencapsulated functional ingredients, providing nutritional and technical solutions for your final products brands in the functional foods & dietary supplements industries.

Lipofoods was formerly part of Lipotec Group, a privately owned biotechnological group founded in 1987 around two platform technologies: delivery systems and peptides. In July 2012, the Lubrizol Corporation completed the acquisition of Lipotec, Diverdrugs and Lipofoods. Lipofoods is now part of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, retaining its name. The addition of these companies complements Lubrizol’s business and provides a broad product portfolio, innovative technology and applications expertise. 

Our core technology strength in microencapsulation and delivery systems gives us potential basis to enable our customers to develop premium products with leading performance claims by including our branded ingredients in their final formulations. Lipofoods has a strong presence worldwide through its well-established distribution network and is also an ISO 22000 certified company.

Food trays and baking molds made from Genuine Vegetable parchment are biodegradable and home compostable.

Microencapsulation for Improved Functionality

Micronutrient deficiencies, such as iron, calcium and zinc, are a worldwide health and socioeconomic concern. While food fortification is generally considered the best approach for eradicating micronutrient deficiencies and preventing undesirable health conditions like anaemia and osteoporosis, there are some technical issues associated with these ingredients, often resulting in objectionable organoleptic changes, reduced bioavailability and challenging incorporation in final products.

Microencapsulation is currently the leading solution to overcome these technical limitations. Its shield-like coating avoids interactions, improves dispersibility and enhances bioavailability of functional food ingredients.
Lipofoods' expertise in microencapsulation technologies has made us a leading supplier of functional food ingredients for a wide range of food applications. We have a well-established distribution network and are an ISO:22000 certified company.

Benefits of Microencapsulation Technology

  • Enhanced bioavailability
  • Controlled interactions with other components
  • Improved stability and dispersibility in final formulas
  • Minimised unpleasant taste and controlled release of functional and health ingredients
  • Consequently, easy enrichment of several types of functional food and dietary supplements for YOUR BRAND is permitted

Our Microencapsulated Branded Ingredients

Lipofoods product line includes the following branded ingredients: LIPOFER© (highly bioavailable and stable iron), LIPOCAL (highly bioavailable source of calcium), ZINCNOVA (stable and tasteless source of zinc), LIPOPHYTOL© (water dispersible plant sterols for a superior cholesterol reduction) and NEWCAFF microcapsules (sustained caffeine release with a clean taste). We also offer specialty formulations like nutricosmetics, which provide cosmetic benefits from within. Our ingredients are developed to be suitable for different applications such as dairy products, infant formulae and all kinds of dietary supplements.

Your Microencapsulation Partner

The functional food market requires innovation in microencapsulation technology, that´s why we keep up-to-date with needs and trends of our customers in the health and food industries to better their success. As a reliable microencapsulation technologies partner, Lipofoods provides a fully-integrated service to clients through regulatory support, clinical trials, as well as analysis of formulation and processing issues.

Here's a few reasons why companies choose to work with us:

  • Innovative ingredients with clinical evidence support
  • Recognized branded ingredients (already being used in top worldwide brands*)
  • Microencapsulated solutions for challenging formulations
  • Expertise in a wide range of final food applications such as infant formulae, dairy products and nutraceuticals.

A favorable market environment:

  • The growing functional foods and nutraceuticals market expected to reach $241.25bn in 2020 requires innovation in microencapsulation technology
  • Favourable demography - aging and health-conscious population
  • Increased income in developing regions and better focus on infants and children's nutrition
  • Personalised approach for dietary supplements as opposed to mass marketing

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