The World’s leading Stomacher® blender for food microbiologists has EVOlved

The new Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO and the Eco bag range provide the ideal solution for streamlined laboratories. Less cost, less plastic waste, greater value for your microbiological sampling needs.

The Stomacher® 400 EVO

  • Quiet and efficient blending
  • Save money and reduce plastic waste with the new Eco bags
  • Tool free access to paddle chamber for cleaning

Stomacher® 400 Eco bags provide the ideal solution for streamlined laboratories

  • Reduce plastic waste by up to 30% compared to other bags on the market
  • Less plastic, less waste, same results. Blending functionality based on traditional Stomacher® principle so no need to change homogenisation protocols
  • Ideal for ISO14001 laboratories and those with strategies to reduce waste

“In the UK alone, Seward customers could save almost 10 tonnes of plastic waste in 2018* by switching to Seward Eco bags” (*Figures based on 2017 usage)