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Made for Drink brand Mangalitza salami chips are unique in two important ways. First, the artisanal chips are made from slices of salami sourced from the Mangalitza pig, a rare breed of pig traditionally used in the salami of Hungary that is renowned for the rich flavour of its fat. Second, the chips are intended to be consumed with pilsner-style lager (according to the "Made for Pilsner" callout on the product packaging) in order to heighten the consumption experience. These chips are made from slices of traditional Hungarian salami that is "gently roasted until crisp, crunchy, and intensely delicious." A 23g stand-up pouch retails for £2.79.

Pairing the meat snack with pilsner-style beer likewise elevates the snack

Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director for GlobalData, says: "Meat snacks have been growing more quickly than most other snack categories in recent years, and this growth has attracted an avalanche of product launches, making it harder for new entries to stand out. Made for Drink salami chips rise above the fray thanks to its Mangalitza pig ingredient and recommended pairing with pilsner-style beer." 

He adds: "One challenge for meat snacks is the perception that they are highly processed and all of the negatives that come from that perception.

According to GlobalData's Q1 2017 global consumer survey, 41% of UK consumers say the term 'processed' means 'mass-produced' to them, much higher than the 25% of consumers in Europe as a whole that feel that way. The use of pork harvested from a rare breed of pig counters this perception. Pairing the meat snack with pilsner-style beer likewise elevates the snack, giving it the potential to transform consumption into a special experience that cannot be matched by mass-produced alternatives."

Made For Drink’s Mangalitza salami chips are specifically designed for consumption alongside pilsner lager. Image courtesy of Made for Drink

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