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The Briefing on the Latest Food Developments

The trends and data you need to know about the industry

In numbers:


The percentage of employees that do not take a break during the working day because they’re too busy. Instead, employees fuel themselves on highly caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks.

 Source: Preoday


The number of separate recalls relating to serious risk of salmonella in Brazilian poultry in the period April-June 2018 – four from the UK, four from the Netherlands and two from Germany.

 Source: Stericycle Expert Solutions


The percentage of paper board in new product Drink Simple™, from the makers of DRINKmaple™ in SIG’s combidome carton packs.

 Source: SIG



The amount millennials spend annually. They are the largest and most influential generation of consumers yet and they represent a disruptive force for the global food and beverage industry.

 Source: Tetra Pak

1 million

The number of tubs Utterly Butterly are selling to benefit young people with cancer. Between now and the start of October, for every promotional 500g tub of Utterly Butterly sold in Morrisons, 5p will be donated to CLIC Sargent.

Source: CLIC Sargent

Three in five

The amount of vegetarians that are considering becoming vegan.

Source: Ingredients Communications


The number of Starbucks stores in Britain that are rolling out its pioneering 5p paper cup charge following a successful three month trial in 35 London stores.

Source: 3 monkeys zeno

In the pipeline:

“A fossil-free future”

IKEA and Neste are now able to utilize renewable residue and waste raw materials, such as used cooking oil, as well as sustainably-produced vegetable oils in the production of plastic products. The pilot at commercial scale starts during fall 2018. It will be the first large-scale production of renewable, bio-based polypropylene plastic globally.

Source: Neste Corporation

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