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The Confectionery Market: New Product Launches

Sonia Sharma rounds up the latest product launches within the confectionery market

Harvey Nichols - Butter Caramelised Cinnamon Almonds

Presented in a pouch, retailer Harvey Nichols has recently released the Butter Caramelised Cinnamon Almonds which they say is a perfect snack for anytime of the day. The pouch format coincides with the on-the-go snack market and the clear packaging allows the consumer to directly see the product inside. The almonds are being targeted as an anytime snack, an accompaniment to an espresso martini, or an addition to morning cereal, porridge or over ice cream.

Pierre Marcolini - Chocolate-Caramel Spread

The Chocolate Paradise Autumn Collection from Pierre Marcolini will be released at the end of the August and is a collection of 11 new products centred around chocolate. The new Chocolate-caramel spread in particular is made using beans from Ecuador and Cameroon and the collection also houses chocolate pastilles, ganaches and much more. The company states: “This new recipe from Pierre has what it takes to become the new must-have product of its kind: a silky smooth spread made from the Maison’s own dark chocolate using beans from Ecuador and Cameroon, studded with pieces of salted caramel. And not a single gram of palm oil!”

Harvey Nichols - Butter Fingers Handmade Butter Shortbread Biscuits 

Launched in August, the Harvey Nichols Own Label Biscuit range includes shiny metallic tins, stylish pull out biscuit boxes and a mini shortbread collection. The new biscuit boxes have been innovatively designed using the Harvey Nichols ‘HN’ brand logo, to create a unique pattern that will wrap around every box.

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