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Flavourtech: When quality matters 

Flavourtech’s processing technologies are helping produce high quality, natural food and beverages around the world. Their Integrated Extraction System allows manufacturers to produce aromas, extracts and concentrates for both Instant and RTD coffee and tea. Discover how it’s setting them apart from their competitors and improving the taste experience for consumers. 

Main image: Premium instant or RTD coffee is possible with Flavourtech’s IES 

Who is Flavourtech? 

Flavourtech is a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of innovative process technologies based on thin-film, spinning cone technologies. Headquartered in Australia, they specialise in solutions for dealcoholisation, aroma recovery, extraction and concentration. 

Flavourtech work closely with clients to optimise the integration of their technologies into current production processes. Their technologies have been proven to deliver significant returns on investment through the recovery of superior flavours, extracts and concentrates, along with maintaining the natural characteristics of the raw material. Coupled with increased throughput and automation through the integration of these technologies into a continuous processing system, Flavourtech systems deliver enhanced operational and processing efficiencies, and a distinct competitive advantage. For this reason, customers keep coming back to Flavourtech seeking solutions to differentiate their products and help their businesses grow. 

What are Flavourtech’s key technologies?

  • The Integrated Extraction System (IES) - an automated processing line for Instant and Ready To Drink (RTD) Tea and Coffee products 
  • The Spinning Cone Column (SCC) - Dealcoholisation, Aroma Recovery, Flavour Management and Extraction 
  • The Centritherm® evaporator - for the concentration of heat sensitive and/or viscous products 
  • The Rotating Disc Column (RDC) - a continuous extraction column that allows temperature, pressure, and residence time to be precisely controlled 
  • The Resin Adsorption Column (RAC) - for the production of zero alcohol beverages 
  • Aquaporin Forward Osmosis Systems - for the concentration of natural aromas 

What are the main applications of these technologies? 

  • De-alcoholisation and alcohol management in wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages 
  • Deodorisation, flavour management and concentration of dairy products 
  • Aroma recovery during production of fruit and vegetable juices/purees 
  • Concentration of heat-sensitive fruit and vegetable juices/extracts 
  • Aroma recovery, extraction and concentration for Instant and RTD Tea and Coffee 

Full flavoured coffee produced through the IES 

Can you tell us more about the IES? 

Flavourtech’s IES is an automated processing line for the production of high quality Instant and RTD Tea and Coffee products. A key characteristic is its ability to capture and preserve key flavour notes for inclusion in the final extract. Aromatic compounds of fresh-brewed roast and ground coffee, or distinctive varietal characteristics exclusive to tea blends, are captured at their peak quality, neither damaged nor destroyed.

An IES installed for the production of premium tea and coffee concentrates 

What are the components of a typical IES? 

  1. Slurry Preparation module: This accepts roasted coffee beans, tea leaves or other plant material and employs specialised milling techniques to minimise flavour loss. It prepares and maintains a uniform slurry as the feed stream for the next module. 
  2.  Flavour Extraction module: The SCC, renowned for its ability to collect fragile volatile compounds without damage, efficiently captures aroma from the tea or coffee slurry while brewing the tea or coffee under vacuum in around 30 seconds. This essence is separated and stored, avoiding the rigours of further processing. 
  3.  High Temperature Extraction module (optional): This consists of the RDC, a high temperature continuous and agitated extraction system, designed specifically for the soluble coffee industry. The RDC allows dearomatised coffee slurry exiting the SCC to be processed for full extraction of soluble solids. With a residence time of only 20 minutes, compared to hours, the RDC can achieve yields comparable to traditional extractors. The resulting product is of extremely high quality as the aroma has been removed and protected prior to high temperature processing. 
  4. Clarification module: This usually consists of several stages. The first separates the liquid extract from the bulk solid material and the second removes any residual fines. A third filtration stage allows further extract polishing. 
  5. Concentration module: Consists of the Centritherm® evaporator - a unique spinning-cone evaporator that uses centrifugal force to ensure a very short residence time. This, coupled with low evaporation temperatures, results in extremely low thermal impact. The Centritherm® evaporator produces premium quality concentrates with high levels of soluble solids. 

What can the resulting extracts/concentrates be used for? 

  • Premium soluble coffee with aroma captured by the SCC added-back to produce an instant product with the highest level of R&G flavour 
  • RTD tea or coffee products with aroma captured by the SCC added-back to produce a full-flavoured beverage 
  • Cold brew coffee with aroma captured by the SCC added-back to produce a high quality product 
  • Tea and coffee concentrates with original flavour, colour and bioactive compounds intact 

How can I contact Flavourtech? 

Committed to new technologies, quality and client service, Flavourtech employ the most highly skilled engineers, technicians and support staff backed by a global network of agents and distributors. Contact them via to learn how their technologies can grow your business.

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