Welcome to the year’s first edition of Just Food’s quarterly digital magazine.

Those New Year’s resolutions have likely long gone but that’s not to say our interest in the links between diet and health are waning.  

Far from it. Demand for healthier snacks is on the rise and many of the world’s purveyors of sweet and savoury treats are looking at how they can make their wares better for us. Might indulgent foods be in long-term, terminal decline? Our deputy editor Andy Coyne digs into that very topic this issue. 

Elsewhere, we look at the rising interest in gut health, set out why restaurant brands won’t take over CPG in the US and explore the changing role of the chief sustainability officer. And we weigh up the emerging area of 3D printing and chat to Hill’s Pet Nutrition about how the company turned to tech to help it meet demand. 

Thanks for reading.

Dean Best, managing editor