need to guarantee your water operation while reducing total operational costs

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to provide you with with mobile water outsourcing services 

solutions for the food & beverage industry

Today, consumers want better quality, less expensive and more sustainable food products. To live up to these expectations, SUEZ helps you optimize your environmental footprint: an important booster to economic growth.


  • Improving operational efficiency by reducing costs and risks:

○ complying with ingredient and process water effluent quality standards
○ ensuring process continuity

  • Increasing resource recovery accelerating the achievement of your environmental targets

○ optimizing water consumption
○ recovering organic waste co-products to produce energy

  • Differentiating your products and sustaining your brand by increasing attractiveness and solidifying your license to operate

Our solutions not only allow you to reduce production costs and risks, but above all, to enhance your core brand value. Environmental performance is not a hindrance, it is a way to improve your product’s attractiveness and fuel the growth of your business.

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what if reducing your ecological footprint meant increasing

your products’ attractiveness?

we are ready

to improve resource management while boosting your economic growth